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Nobody likes mosquito bites. They can be a nasty nuisance, itch, create open sores if scratched too much, cosmetically unsightly, or even transmit diseases like Degue Fever!  With the exceptionally hot and wet weather in the later part of last year these pesky pests seemed to be everywhere and in full force, even up in Kula!

For years, the “best” repellents have been a mix of chemicals that kept bugs at bay. However, as more and more of us are becoming aware and concerned about these chemicals toxicity being applied to our bodies, let alone our baby’s and children’s skin, what is a conscientious parent to do?  We either knowingly put toxic chemicals on our children or we stay indoors, or we can invest in natural repellents that are safe and effective.

There are natural repellents that do not contain toxins, which have been used for centuries over many generations. Citrus oil, lavender oil and cedar oil all have properties that detract mosquitoes. There is a couple on Maui that took this knowledge one step further and created a natural organic mixture strong enough to even stop jungle mosquitoes from biting. Island Baby Bug Spray is Jacob and Stephanie Adolpho’s homemade recipe that has been used successfully for years. Through their family and friend’s feedback, they perfected a repellent mixture that works, and that the young children in their family use regularly. Concerned with the overuse of chemicals, such as glyphosate and atrazines (known carcinogenic) in weed killers and agro-farming (especially on this island) and the potential health effects, especially to children, they wanted a product that is chemical free and safe for all to use.

With more cases of Dengue Fever being reported on Maui, they now are encouraged to share their successful product with the rest of us, giving us an option to seek a reliable natural mosquito repellent. Island Baby Bug Spray is DEET free and safe for all to use, which is a perfect solution for this constant dilemma of chemicals or mosquito bites. The added bonus is that it is made right here on Maui. (Love the first ingredient).


Fresh Maui Rain Water,

Organic Coconut Oil*

Organic Olive Oil*

Lavandin Extract

Organic Hemp Oil

Lavender Extract

Citrus Oil

Inert Ingredients: Organic Essential Oils


Contains at least 75% Fair Trade ingredients!

Contains ZERO DEET!

As a conscientious parent, supporter of local business, and a mom who loves when products work, I am grateful for Island Baby Bug Spray!

Image Credit: Island Baby Bug Spray

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