Island Art Party

That day ~ you know the one… when you didn’t do her hair right… you put him in the wrong blue shirt… you made a yucky lunch… you let your kids do what?… everyone else’s mommy is nicer…and you’re pretty sure you’re about to feed your little angels chemical-laden apples and you really don’t care because they will have to chew a lot, which means that, for a few brief moments, they will be unable to utter the word, “Mommy” – so in other words, a parenting fail day. Don’t you just wish someone would put YOU in time out? Preferably with a glass of wine… or something with bubbles… and a few friends.

You’re THE MOMMY… put yourself in time out. Better yet, get the OTHER MOMMIES and put each other in time out.

Island Art Party is a perfect Mommy Time Out. Have some grown-up fun painting to the step-by-step instructions of a Partista, so no experience is necessary. The “Creative Juices” bar features wine, beer, cocktails and mocktails. Upbeat background music often inspires a spontaneous sing-along – that doesn’t include the lyrics, “Let it go”. Better yet, it’s a great way to relax, create and connect with friends – and yourself. You might even reveal a hidden talent, or rediscover a forgotten passion. And whether or not yours is fine art, it will for sure be fun art. And when time out is over, you go home with a painted memory to show… and tell (or not).

When you come, mention that you’re on a Mommy Time Out and we’ll include your first glass of wine!

Island Art Party also offers family and teen sessions at 10 am, Friday ~ Sunday, welcoming children 8 and up. Call 419-6020 for more information or go to

Image Credit: Island Art Party

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