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The process of preparing for birth can be all sorts of overwhelming, and sometimes very focused on the external world. Many women feel waves of anxiety as they tread water in their ever flowing to-do lists. While these external preparations are truly important, there is also a deeper invitation in pregnancy: turning inward.

No matter how detailed you make your birth plan, you cannot control how the birth of your baby will actually unfold. There are many layers at play, including the soul guidance of your baby. Such is the nature of birth: deep surrender and trust. This meeting of the unknown can rub up against fears, feelings, and past traumas. It’s terrain for powerful (and beautiful) internal alchemy.

The best way to greet this great mystery of birth is to cultivate a warm connection to self. There are many ways to tend to your internal self connection:

1. Massage – Receiving massage in pregnancy has countless physical health benefits and is an amazing tool to connect to your body & emotions. Let go and feel totally nurtured.

2. Journaling – Journaling provides a sweet and quick way to bring the light of awareness to your internal world.

3. Meditation & Yoga – A regular practice of yoga and/or meditation connects you to your breath. The breath is the thread between the mind and body and is a crucial part of navigating the intensity of pregnancy and birth

4. Learn about your own Birth – Our psyches and bodies hold memories of our own birth, whether or not we consciously remember. Learning about your birth may help you discover past feelings deeply held in your being, which may become present when the portal of birth is opened again in the birth of your baby. Explore your feelings and process with art, movement, and journaling.

5. Talk to your Baby & Body – Your baby and body respond to your consciousness and communication. The more one is accustomed to communicating this way, the more efficiently one can access all parts of their being.

6. Find a Doula – Doulas offer educated and neutral support throughout your whole journey of birth.

The rite of passage that is birth is mighty, and truly asks our hearts, minds, and bodies to open in completely profound ways. Attuning to the texture of our internal landscape is what actually allows the deeper opening in our physical bodies and the alignment of our external environments.

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Mackenzie Eason is a Certified Doula, Massage Therapist, and the creatrix of ‘Aina Ma Wellness – a platform providing nurturing and loving support for women in their journeys of transformation through doula services, pregnancy support sessions, and massage therapy. 678-231-0742.


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