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Andy ‘Wake Self’ Martinez died November 5, 2019 after being hit by a drunk driver two days prior. He was 30 years old and ready to release his new rap album ‘Ready to Live’ on November 7. From New Mexico he travelled the world performing and taking time out of his busy schedule to give children from under-privileged communities workshops about rap and the power of the spoken word. He came to Maui in 2017. He empowered, motivated and brought healing into this world. Below are the lyrics to his song that he penned called Malala. To find out more about his music go to www.wakeself.com. To find out how we can help prevent more senseless deaths see the article on Page 11.
RIP Wake Self.

“We can not all succeed when half of us are being held back.” ~ Malala Yousafzai

Malala by Wake Self (lyrics)

Verse 1.

Dear rappers I think you need to take a second and listen

To yourself and the way that you’re disrespecting our women

I’m not here to judge I know that you’re just trying to make it

But why is it okay for our daughters to be degraded

In all these songs and videos I never feel

How we got a generation corporation’s control with sex appeal

But sex sells show some skin that’s show business

I’d rather see a women graduate and own her own business

Our future’s being affected by

Children being conditioned from seeing women objectified

How come we use the word bitch like it isn’t nothing

Lowering our standards and de-evolving our mental function

Don’t be imprisoned by opinions of the general public

You’re beautiful no matter society’s definition of it

This is the introduction to the healing coming sooner

Watch how you treat our daughters they’re the mothers of the future

Verse 2.

Dear world it’s so upsetting to me

That our economy has turned misogyny to a revenue stream

Let us see through the lies discover why the entertainment industry taught us how to dehumanize each other

And all these rappers are scared to explore the topic

Of how our human natures exploited for corporate profit

Surrounded by these industries promoting sexual content

Some would rather see a women topless than see her in office

And the kids are a cash target

Little children idolizing womanizing rap artists

All the music and images that the youth are conditioned with

Always rooted in ignorance got them losing their innocence. Feel the truth in the penmanship

Rappers rap about pimping women while they’re being pimped by the companies they do business with

We all came from our mother and we live on mother earth but we still don’t understand the greatness of a woman’s worth (Yep)

Respect to those raising their daughters raising their sons

So they can be the ones to finally save us from us

Image Credit: Wake Self

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