Maui dance classes

There are the obvious benefits of studying dance. It is a fun source of exercise and helps to maintain a balanced lifestyle. But, there are also many other benefits of dance for children:

Improved condition of heart, lungs, and immune system

Increased muscular strength and coordination

Better agility and flexibility

Improved overall balance

Improved spatial awareness

Improved psychological well being

Greater self-confidence and self-esteem

Better discipline and focus

Improved mental dexterity

While dance is a good source of fun exercise it is also a creative outlet. The opportunity to release creativity is just as important for and improving a child’s mood as exercise while tackling serious issues including anxiety and depression, that may surface during stressful times. Dance can be an outlet for both imagination AND emotional processing.

But, in this time of stay at home orders, school reopening delays, and studios closing, how do young people find a way to stay creatively engaged and active?

Zoom classes have been created to assist people in continued learning, but children crave social interaction and so out of pure necessity, the concept of Zen Angel Creative Therapy was born. Why not give children a chance to take real classes in the safety of their own home or backyard? Safety regulations can be met outside or indoors, and the instructor would get tested for COVID-19 and adhere to the boundaries of individual households. Private and semi-private instruction will keep the risks down, but even expanding classes of 10 or less to family pods could be conceivable in the near future.

It is important that classes are accessible to ALL keiki on Maui, so sliding scale fees apply. A program is also being set up where families who are fortunate enough to be financially secure can donate or sponsor a child whose family has lost employment due to COVID. This program is one way to bridge the gap between communities, and begin to create a new collective dance family on Maui. 

If you would like to learn more about dance classes, the financial program or other services please contact Kelly Turner-Cooke at or 808-280-7927. Kelly has a passion for teaching, and enjoys sharing the many artistic and healing tools passed on to her by her life-transforming mentors and instructors.

Image Credit: Zen Angel Healing Arts

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