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Watching children grow and learn through play is one of the greatest joys in the world. Their innocence and energy for learning is worth envying. But what happens if your child isn’t meeting their developmental milestones as expected? Maybe your baby isn’t babbling, or pulling to stand like others his age? Or if your little girl isn’t putting words together to express herself like her friends are. While there are parents who may choose to wait and let their keiki develop on their own, others may choose to utilize FREE support services.

Check in with your child’s Pediatrician to do an in-office developmental screening and begin a conversation about services available on Maui. Research shows that addressing developmental delays earlier will provide a better prognosis!

Early Intervention is a federally funded program across the United States that evaluates, educates and provides therapeutic services to children, birth to three, who may have a developmental delay. This free, voluntary program is parent lead and can occur at an office or in your own home.

Imua Family Services is Maui’s Early Intervention Program, and is currently celebrating its 65th year of servicing families on Maui. A developmental evaluation through Imua’s Early Intervention Program can provide comprehensive information about your child’s skill sets, including motor, language, social/emotional, cognitive and adaptive skills. Early Interventionists are skilled in providing play based therapy, while providing recommendations for family members to implement. Creative therapeutic play strategies and parent participation help make goals a reality!

Milestones to look out for:

1,2,3 months:
Raises head from supine (back)
Attends to caregivers face when in sight
Moves arms & legs
Rolls part way to side from supine
Tracks moving objects
Grasps objects in hand

4,5,6 months:
Holds rattle for extended periods
Sits with support
Reaches for toys
Stretches out arms to be picked up
Plays peek-a-boo
Turns over from supine to prone (stomach)
Turns toward sounds
Listens to own voice squealing
Reaches for objects and brings them to mouth
Holds, sucks & bites teether toys

7, 8, 9 months:
Transfers objects from one hand to other
Can sit without support
Pats/smiles at self in mirror
Creeps (pulls body with arms, leg kicks)
Shyness around strangers
Crawls on hands and knees
Grasps with thumb and first two fingers
Says “ma-ma” or “da-da”
Responds to name
Can stand with support
Hits objects together & Imitates sounds

10, 11, 12 months:
Pulls to standing position
Drink from a cup with assistance
Cruises along furniture
Finds objects that are hidden under/behind
Waves bye-bye
Says 2 words along with ma-ma/da-da
Enjoys some solid foods
Finger feeds

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Image Credit: Imua Family Services

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