Jan-Feb Mauimama front cover 2016

Mauimama Editorial issue #40

Happy New 2016!

Happy New Opportunity to make this life what you want it to be and to guide your family to be the best they can be. On February 4th the new energy of the Fire Monkey swings in. Fun, mischievous, ambitious and maybe a little impatient, things should be exciting this year. It feels like last year was a struggle for many, but near the end loose ends were getting tied up or were falling by the wayside. With this new energy it might be a great time to let “all that does not serve you” go and make this a year to start new projects. Will you become a Maui mompreneur? Or take a new direction in life ~ hopefully planned and not forced out by these crazy rental prices!

This is also the time of year we share our island waters with those amazing majestic creatures of the sea -whales. On February 13th our island will be celebrating World Whale Day in Kihei. This is a fun event for the whole family (see page 16). Our warm, island protected waters are a perfect place for these sentient beings to mate and give birth. Our ocean is an amazing blessing to those living here, but education needs to be heightened as our island living is affecting the life within it (see article on page 7). If we don’t come together as a community to protect and respect what we love, the damage may be irreversible. Right now we can make a difference to reverse current trends to secure a beautiful and life-abundant ocean for our children and grand-children. It’s like my six year old son asked: “If the planet is 70% ocean, why is it called Earth?” Good question Eli!

Speaking of education, the beginning of the year is also the time that Maui schools open their doors to allow families to learn more and tour their institutions (see calendar on page 30). Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about your different elementary, middle, and high school options. You can also call up public schools and ask to tour them too. As parents we don’t have to wait for schools to start the education process. At home we can start with helping our children grasp the concepts of reading (see article on page 4) and math (see article on page 23) or introduce them to all kinds of music (see article on page 17 or the ad for the Maui Pop Orchestra ~ Winter Pops on February 21st).

There are so many things that we can do to enjoy this life and make it as rich and fulfilling for our children as possible. There can be adventures every day, well at least every week, or month… if you are up for it. From the mountains to the ocean we have so much to be grateful for.

Happy New Year!

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