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I pretty much remind my boys every day how lucky they are to be growing up on Maui. It is sunny somewhere on the island all year round.

However, when you have a newborn this hot sun can make some of your activities challenging. They recommend to keep your baby less than six months out of the sun and not to use sun block. So what do you do? A lot of activities on Maui are out doors so this problem needed to be conquered. Buying a tent for the beach really helped. Every now and then you can score one from Costco for about $30 if you keep your eyes peeled! I had my parents import one from Florida….. yeah, so I could still go to the beach without frying my baby.

I also discovered that the Maui Ocean Center was a great activity to do that limited sun exposure. I had a year pass, $60 ka’amaina (kids under 3 are free). I would drive during little Dylan’s naptime and then would plop him into the Ergobaby and go explore the under water world. It was great stimulation for Dylan who could see all the bright colors and large shapes floating around. The first time I saw him follow an object with his eyes while rotating his neck was in the tunnel under the shark tank. I truly believe our trips helped with his brain development and early motor skills. It was great attachment bonding too as I carried him against my body the whole time in the Ergobaby. It can get lonely staying at home looking after a baby, especially with the first, if a lot of your friends work and you haven’t met your new mama ohana yet. So finding an activity that I could fly solo with and not feel such a billy no mates, and enjoy, was great.

My friend joked the other day that now we have to pay for our children the Maui Ocean Center has to wait for the folks to be in town, so they can splurge on a family outing. But until they turn 3 it is really affordable and a God send for us mamas trying to stay out of the sun but get out of the house. It is also an activity that keeps both babies and mamas relaxed and entertained…well hopefully.

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Image Credit: Rebecca Moses

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