We spend about a third of our life sleeping, so the energy in our bedroom is of paramount importance. Here are some helpful tips that can transform and uplift the energy of your bedroom:

• Place the head of the bed on an outside wall when possible.

• Keep the room well ventilated by day and/or air it out once a day.

• Remove any mirrors or mirrored doors that are facing the bed. This will give you a more relaxed sleep. If it is not possible to remove them, you could cover them with either cloth, artwork, lovely wallpaper, curtains etc.

• TV and all electronics should be kept out of the bedroom. Charging cellphones and any other EMF devices in the bedroom can wreak havoc with your sleep patterns and have a negative effect on your body’s nervous system that you may not be aware of. If the space is tight, consider using your closet or a shelf dedicated to that purpose as far away from your head as possible. This includes your smart phone.

• Put the laundry basket in another area and only keep clean, fresh clothing in the bedroom. The smell of dirty laundry can slowly accumulate and create negative energy.

• Keep the room as dark as possible when sleeping; pitch black is best.

• Avoid placing your bed under a low angled ceiling or directly under a heavy beam.

• Do not position the head of a bed where a toilet is on the other side of the wall.

• Avoid keeping showpieces or artwork over the bed head. On a mundane level, an earthquake or gust of wind could have a traumatic result, and it can also indicate a tendency to headaches, stress or migraines.

• Do not keep aquariums and fountains in the bedroom, as the bedroom is a yin place meant for rest and recuperation. The constant water activity is very yang, having the effect of making you restless and unable to experience a proper deep sleep.

• Make sure that the head of the bed fits directly onto a wall, not kitty corner or at an angle that creates a space behind the headboard.

• Avoid sleeping under a window, unless it set up high on the wall.

• Avoid placing the bed directly in line with the doorway to the bedroom, or on the same wall as the door.

• Ensure your bedroom window’s privacy, with either curtains, sheers, blinds or mirrored film.

• Do not paint the walls a fire color (reds, oranges, pinks, burgundy, purples) but rather enjoy these colors as throw rugs, bedding or accents that can be changed as needed over time. Certain annual influences in the bedroom can wreak havoc with your health and/or relationships when combined with fire colors.

• Have an attractive and pleasing headboard (see previous point for color).

• Keep plants away from the bed.

• Have good bedside lamps with gentle lighting, and keep your side tables clutter free. Tables with drawers make this easier to accomplish.

• Place an uplifting symbol or object of beauty in direct view from your bed.

• Begin your transformation now and be ready in time for Valentine’s Day!

Advanced levels of Feng Shui include the key factors of Time (when a structure was built) and Space (how the structure sits in the environment as determined by a compass reading). This information is put into an algorithm to determine how these factors specifically influence your life, and how to activate them positively. This ancient advanced level of Feng Shui practice is called Geomantic or Flying Star Feng Shui.

Generally Feng Shui is thought of as being the art of placement with regards to furniture arrangements, house decorations and colors in relationship to the four compass directions. In fact it is about so much more: It is about energy and how to harness that energy for your benefit. According to Geomantic Feng Shui multiple layers of influences need to be considered, with the key components of time and space, to create a more in depth, accurate and personal prediction.

If you are interested to learn more on how Geomantic Feng Shui can improve your life in 2016, go to Happy New Year!

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