Mr right

It’s baffling to wonder why women like us can be adept in all other areas, but can’t figure out our love lives.  We begin to wonder if all the good men are already taken or, “are they just intimidated by me” or  “I just have bad luck when it comes to finding a good man” or “What’s wrong with me; maybe I don’t have the right stuff to get or keep a good man” or “Why do I run away from good; why am I so afraid of real true love?”…. and the most puzzling question is: “Why is it that other women are able to find love and get married without trouble?”

I used to wonder this too… until I “cracked the code” and put all my years of love and attraction research into my own strategy to find my soul mate! Part of this research comes from producing television shows on love, attraction, dating and sex for Lifetime Television, Discovery Health, and USA Networks.  I’ve interviewed top experts in the field and over a hundred women about their sex lives.

Another part came from informal research as a hairstylist as I tracked my client’s mental/emotional process of looking for love and happiness.

Men clients told me things they would never tell anyone else – from just “wanting to get laid & why they didn’t want to get involved with her,” to what behaviors made them want to run from women, to what they were willing to do, desperately wanting to find the woman of their dreams.  I was privy to their most intimate thoughts & details.

I was under a fertility deadline to boot, so my strategy needed to include finding my man, getting married fast and having children before it was too late… but I knew I needed to find the “Right” man for a solid, happy future. I want to teach you everything I know.

This is your time!  Grab it before time passes you by! It’s time now to take the smart woman’s approach to finding love…

  • Without falling into the same old patterns and mistakes.
  • It’s time for an approach that cuts to the chase…
  • Repel the Mr. Wrongs and only attract the potential Mr. Rights.

In my powerful training, you will discover how to become the woman who is irresistibly magnetic to her ‘Soul Husband’ (the man just right for your soul). To find out more go to or find me on FB.


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