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I started to receive Higher Brain Chiropractic care 7 years ago when my husband Kristopher, who is a chiropractor, started to learn this special technique. I noticed straight away the physical and emotional benefits. I had more energy, became more connected to my body, and had less physical pain when my body was under duress. I developed a greater awareness of myself, and the world around me, and my body and mind became a lot better at coping with stress. As a mother, having extra energy to keep up with and care for my children is huge, and I am so thankful to have Higher Brain Chiropractic as my secret tool. Having more awareness assists me in being more loving and compassionate towards my friends and family and being able to adapt in stressful situations has been incredibly beneficial for my peace of mind and how I parent.

So what exactly is Higher Brain Chiropractic? Higher Brain Chiropractic (HBC for short) is a holistic approach to wellness developed by a chiropractor who sought to focus more on the person and their quality of life rather than just getting rid of a symptom or fixing a “problem”. During an HBC treatment the practitioner uses a series of gentle precise contacts along the spine to engage the nervous system and teach the brain new strategies for dissipating stress and physical tension. This type of care works at the neurological level, assisting your body in relieving physical tension and healing itself in the way it was designed to do. UC Irvine conducted a study on over 2,500 people receiving Higher Brain Chiropractic and the majority of participants reported improved health, a greater sense of well-being, improved responses to stress, an improved mental and emotional state, and improved overall enjoyment of their life!

For me personally when I started HBC I began to feel more relaxed on a daily basis, my body and mind became more flexible, and I just felt way better overall. When I became pregnant with my first child I continued receiving care regularly. Throughout my pregnancy my body was relaxed and free of pain, and I slept peacefully at night. I didn’t have all the common ailments that my other pregnant friends were experiencing. I ate healthily, continued with light exercise and received regular Higher Brain Chiropractic care. During my labor I was having painful spasms in my lower back. Luckily Kristopher was by my side and we turned to HBC straight away. I became so relaxed after being treated that I fell asleep for a few hours during the active part of my labor. After our daughter was born she began receiving regular treatments as well. It helped relieve her colic, and later on helped quicken the healing process of physical injuries, and emotional development too. When I became pregnant with my second child I wondered if it would be as easy as the first time around. I kept getting regular treatments and it WAS another easy pregnancy.

Now both of our children benefit greatly from regular Higher Brain care. I have noticed how their communication skills are advanced and they appear to bounce back more quickly emotionally than other children when things don’t go their way.

HBC has been a wonderful tool that has helped my whole family and I have also witnessed how it has helped all kinds of other people. My husband has worked with everyone from individuals diagnosed with cancer to an NFL athlete. He’s helped countless people with back pain, digestive issues, emotional distress, allergies, sports injuries…the list is endless. With this kind of care it’s not just your health that improves, your whole LIFE improves because when you have a relaxed nervous system and feel great you’re able to be the best possible version of yourself.

Dr. Kristopher Martin practices Higher Brain Chiropractic at his office in Haiku. To schedule a consultation call (808) 344-2862.

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