How Do I Relieve My Colic Baby?

How Do I Relieve My Colic Baby?Dear Aunty Tina, How do I relieve my colic baby?

A baby with colic can be a challenging thing to go through for you and your baby. The term colic is often referred to a baby who cries longer than three hours, for a few days or even weeks and/or months at a time. This crying is often high pitched and inconsolable especially between sunsets to 10pm. No-one is quite sure why some babies are colicky and others are not, but I believe it can be due to a number of reasons. First, check your diet if you are breastfeeding. Avoid spicy foods; garlic, onions, cabbage (high oxalic content) and similar foods which could be giving your baby bad gas. Also avoid chocolate, strawberries and citrus or high acidic foods.

Some babies are just born with a huli stomach, which might be sensitive or have an immature digestive system. Hana mamas who have to do the drive back and forth to town, bind up their babies belly and find that this helps. Massaging the babies belly may help too. A colic baby may also be a result of the baby still being in shock from her birth. Maybe the birth was traumatic, or she was in the birth canal for a long time, or the birth was really quick! Her nervous system is still developing. Cranial Sacral adjustments may help. Dr. Kourtney Knox at Studio Chiropractic is a great person to go to for this.

Your baby may also just want to be held all the time; this is where daddies can help a lot. Swaddling your baby snugly when putting them down to sleep or in the car seat may help too. This can be a difficult stage. Know that it will normally wear off after three months and always ask for help if you are overwhelmed.

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