Baylee baby carrier

As a mother of three, I quickly realized the need to multitask. In this day and age, a baby carrier is an essential part of day-to-day life whether I have one child or five to look after. My problem was that I had tried most of the baby carriers on the market with my first child, but never found one that was completely right. Although I could hardly manage without a carrier, it always seemed like the hot topic at the end of the day would be the ways baby carriers could and should be improved. “It’s too hot, my baby doesn’t fit right, my baby can’t sit forward, my shoulders hurt, etc… etc…”

With my second child, I had generated a refined list of changes I would make if I were making baby carriers. With the news of my third child, Baylee Koko, I decided to just go for it and design and launch my own baby carrier naming it the Baylee Baby.

I was inspired to make a carrier that would fit an infant perfectly without an insert, and could also become a toddler carrier all-in-one.  My solution; I shaped the carrier body to fit the size of an infant, making sure the leg openings were not too wide for their delicate legs and added “The Big Seat’’ as an add-on panel that would accommodate the baby’s size as they grew. I also wanted my baby to be able to sit three different ways so designed the Baylee baby carrier to have 3 different carrying positions, facing in, facing out and back pack style.

It was also very important to make sure that my product was comfortable for the ones carrying, so I made sure the Baylee baby carrier utilize a unique fastening system that guaranteed just that. I also made sure my invention distributed the weight of the baby evenly to both shoulders as well as my hips and created extra padding on the back webbing for ultimate comfort.

My focus has been and continues to be Product Development. Our Motto is, “Even the Best Product can be Improved”.  We test with mothers and babies of all shapes and sizes and we work with a family owned factory that allows us to input new product design at any time. I had multiple prototypes designed before Baylee was even born.

All of my life experiences have steered me towards a sustainable organic way of life and there was no doubt in my mind that my carrier would be Eco friendly and 100% organic, especially if it was going to be touching my newborn. Shortly after launching Baylee Baby, I realized there was a huge demand for all organic baby products, so added Organic Nursing Covers and Changing Pads to our product line. I am proud to use only fabrics that consist of 100% organic cotton and padding that is 100% non-toxic natural foam from the sap of the gum tree.

Having children and knowing that they matter most inspired my life path resulting in the Baylee Baby carrier, my solution for the carrier industry and comfortable baby wearing for all of us and our babies.

Image Credit: Baylee Baby 100% organic

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