Dr. Sonia Gupta Hospital dentistry

When I heard that parents have to fly to Oahu with their children to undergo Hospital Dentistry, I was stoked to find out that they don’t have to anymore thanks to Dr. Sonia Gupta and her practice at the Maui Memorial Medical Center.

Visiting the dentist can be a dreaded necessity by most, but can be particularly traumatic for both adults and children with various dental phobias and medical conditions (i.e. Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, dementia/Alzheimer’s, brain damage and behavioral and developmental/intellectual delays).

Hospital dentistry is dental treatment completed under sedation. This can range from light (i.e. nitrous gas) to completely asleep (i.e. general anesthesia). Sedation should be the last resort, but for some it is the only means to get their own or children’s teeth examined and worked upon. With Dr. Gupta the risks are always discussed and options reviewed and then levels of sedation are tailored to optimize the patient’s comfort, reviewing past medical history and family concerns. This also extends into the practice of allowing parents and care givers to stay with their loved ones until they are asleep and/or ready for dental treatment. Patients are never put into a papoose, greatly reducing/eliminating trauma.

Once they are asleep, special care dentist, Dr. Gupta, does a comprehensive dental exam, full mouth x-rays, dental cleaning, and all dental treatment that is needed. Everything is often completed in one visit to significantly reduce trauma and discomfort. There is no age requirement or limit as she has seen patients ranging from 1 year old to 92 years.

Dr. Sonia Gupta is a general dentist with specialized training in Hospital Dentistry. Her dental career started at age 17, with her first job as a dental assistant. She can speak fluent Spanish and has completed internships in pediatric dentistry and provided care at homeless clinics and on several medical missions overseas. In 2008, she completed her Hospital Dentistry residency program at the VA Medical Center in San Francisco. She has been a full time practicing dentist on Maui since 2008 and has worked with many of our keiki, adults and elderly.

From the mouth of a Maui mama, “Medical and dental work for my 11 year old grandson can be very traumatic given his special needs diagnosis of Pervasive Development Disorder (which is included in the Autistic Spectrum). We used to have to fly to Honolulu for the dental work. The stress flying and unfamiliar people and places caused made the whole experience much harder for all of us. The expense was so much more too as we had to spend at least two nights over there. The familiar setting of Maui Memorial Medical Center almost made it an adventure for Zen. The pre-op space was so nice and the staff was great, they really understood his special needs. Dr. Gupta was just incredible and is doing a much needed service for special needs kids and their families.” — Susan Graham

If you think Dr. Sonia Gupta could help your family you can call 633-6931 to find out more information.

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