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Hong-Sau Yoga…The Yoga that allows nature to be your Guru! As a physical therapist I know how important exercise is to the body. As a spiritual seeker I know how important it is to connect to the Divine Source that is deep within. As humans with a choice to design and co-create, I know how important it is to be aware and choose wisely, our thoughts and spoken words.

Hong-Sau Yoga are exercises for the body, mind and spirit that were spontaneously inspired through me while out in nature on my daily sunrise meditation walks. I sometimes call them, “My silly little exercises” because they are fun and light and make me feel instantaneously happy. Someone once described them with this name: “YOSSERT”… a combination of Yoga and Dessert…or Dessert Yoga. I believe happiness is our birthright and when I can smile and be happy no matter what is happening in the world, I am then able to better illuminate the light, do my work with passion and purpose, and help lift the vibration of those around me, starting with my family, then my community, my island, my world.

All of my children are now grown and I would have loved having these exercises to share with them when they were young. Although I did my best with the awareness I had at the time – getting them to exercise and be active, eat nutritiously, and say their bed-time prayers …I feel these exercises would have given them a much stronger, empowered jump-start into a rich, abundant way of life.

I knew there was a mind body spirit connection but how to be the example and live it and breathe it and share it in a natural fun way was not fully in my awareness at that time. Maybe that was because I did not take the time for my own inner growth and did not fully understand the magnificent power and strength within my own self!? Now that I do, I would love to share these exercises with you and your children. Actually, it is in becoming like children that we begin to understand ourselves…

I know what it is like to be a busy mom, I had four children and we become great at multi-tasking BUT… it is easy to forget yourself along the way. That is what is also so great about Hong-Sau Yoga… it is something you can do together that will nourish your whole being as well as that of your children. Creating the awareness of their divinity and having a good balanced body, mind and spirit is the greatest gift you will ever give to your children.

I hope to see you at the Keiki Play morning (see free keiki programs) the third week in February. If you would like to learn more or purchase the practice manual, you can do so at:

Come join me as we play and learn together from nature. Let’s “Shake, Jiggle and Jive” (one of my exercises) into the new year as we daily receive the beautiful gift of being alive. Whether you do one, two or ten exercises, Hong-Sau will joyfully spill over and become a part of your whole day.

Image Credit: Heidi Howard

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Heidi has lived on Maui for nearly 30 years. She graduated from the University of Washington as a Physical Therapist and worked in private practice as well as larger health facilities. She currently enjoys taking a more holistic approach, and volunteering her time to share her Body, Mind and Spirit exercises. Find her website at