Aloha Maui parents,

Does your family homeschool? Perhaps you are considering it for your little one. It is an amazing journey full of fantastic experiences along the way. If you already homeschool, you may have had a hard time connecting with other families here. Well This is about to change as The Mauimama has kindly offered to shed a much needed light on the sometimes hard to navigate social aspect of homeschooling on Maui. There are hundreds of homeschoolers here, who meet, play, share, have co-ops, group classes, and more. Many of us are apart of the few formal groups Maui has to offer, and many are not sure where to find other homeschooled friends and how to be sure to obtain that dreaded word ‘socialization’. (Which is actually a natural reflex of homeschooling)

As a homeschooling mama of two beautiful Maui girls, I am always trying to find ways to incorporate the world around them into their learning package for the day. A few years not so long ago, our eldest proclaimed that, the world was her school, and that she learned from everything around her, every day. I use that philosophy constantly now, as it is so true. Sure we have shelves of books, (which we do use somewhat regularly I might add) but I am always amazed at the scope of knowledge that each day brings for them.

However, I find that my hardest challenge in the homeschooling world here, is to get out and expose them to friends and the world around them, while fitting in the daily necessities of living in paradise. With the aid of local publications like this fantastic one, and other social tools, we can all finally connect to one another for friends and education.

For information on groups on Maui see:
Maui Homeschool Friends (a free secular group) currently found on facebook at
or call 446-6213 for more info. Website to be up soon.

For online support groups see:
Maui Homeschooling at

Maui Homeschoolers at

To understand your rights and the laws of our state, please visit and for a fee you may join to gain legal support.

We hope to see you out in the world of homeschooling Maui style.

A Hui Ho

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Joei Tyra is a Maui mama of 3 wonderful Keiki. She homeschools and spends her time between Hawaii and Oklahoma where she has founded two homeschool associations. When in Maui she spends her time with her kids and as a homeschooling consultant. To reach Joei you may email her