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As the season changes, along with it comes flu and colds. When children are in daycare or school a strong immune system is vital to protect them from catching every bug the other children bring into the classroom.

A mold free home, healthy organic foods and parents who are educated and/or aware of Homeopathic & Herbal Medicine can safeguard a child’s health and wellbeing.

Homeopathy is a natural nontoxic therapy based on the ‘Law of Similiars’. Children respond easily to homeopathic remedies for they are pure and energetically receptive.

To determine the right remedy there are many things to observe about the illness such as, did it come on slowly or quick? Is the child pale or red faced? Are they thirsty or not? Is it worse at night or in the morning? And what is the mental emotional picture? Along with much more.

The common cold and/or flu presents itself in many ways. If it starts with a sore throat and comes on slowly with paleness then the remedy, Aconitum is used.

If it presents with burning/watery eyes, a clear runny nose and sinus congestion, Allium Cepa is used (Allium Cepa is homeopathic red onion, think about what happens when you cut into an onion/the same symptoms).

Allium Cepa is also used for Hayfever.

A baby with a stuffy nose and who clings to her mother is a classical case of Pulsatilla (which is the flower the Windcock, that changes with the wind).

For babies and children, low potencies are important ranging from 6C-30C depending on the acuteness or chronic nature of the illness. A lower potency is for chronic and a higher potency is for acute illnesses.

Supplements and herbs to strengthen the immune system and lungs are also important. Echinacea and vitamin C support the immune system. Fish oils help to strengthen the lungs and prevent recurring bronchitis.

And here in Hawaii remember that an ounce of Noni juice a day can also keep the Doctor away.


Image Credit: mauimama

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