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Homeopathy is founded on the idea that ‘likes cure likes’. Through a complex process of dilution a remedy is created by using a substance, that if taken in its true form, would cause the symptoms that are being experienced. It is not fully understood how or why homeopathy works, but children who are typically more energetically sensitive than adults can respond well to it.

In no way do I recommend treating your child at home and not seeking medical help when it is needed. But homeopathy is a safe treatment that can be administered for non-life threatening conditions, or on the way to the doctor’s office. The list below is designed to help guide you on which remedies to stock in your medicine cabinet, along with a short summary of their uses in acute cases. I recommend exploring www.boironusa.com for online trainings and useful easy to grasp information.

Homeo-kits from Boiron can also be purchased, which are less expensive than buying individual remedies. Homeopathic remedies can either be purchased as 30C oral doses at the local health-food store, or as topical preparations. A typical oral dose would be 3 pellets dissolved under the tongue, away from food and water. Repeat 3 times a day until symptoms resolve.

• Chamomilla: Teething with irritability. Child is usually better with movement in a car or stroller. Also used for the child who is extremely fussy and hard to please.

• Arnica: Soft tissue injuries like bumps and bruises. Used for hematomas in babies after birth. Also used for bruising after surgery.
• Hypericum: Used for injuries to nerves, or areas that at highly innervated. Injury to fingertips, or pain after tooth extraction. Worse with touching or sudden movement.
• Apis: Injury to soft tissue which is hot, red, swollen with stinging pain. Area feels worse with heat and better with cold. Insect bites, minor burns, bee stings, swollen eye.

• Allium Cepa: Runny nose with clear runny discharge. Better with cold fresh air, worse with heat.
• Natrum Muriaticum: Runny nose, with intense thirst. Better with open air
Fevers (Dosing: high fevers-1 pellet every 15 minutes. Low fevers- 3 pellets every 3 hours)
• Ferrum Phosphoricum: Low or mild fever. Skin changes between pale, red and clammy.
• Belladonna: High sudden fever, breathing heavily. Face is red and hot. Sensitive to noise, light and touch. Better with rest.
• Aconite: Fever is sudden, with a sense of being frightened, irritable or restless.

Respiratory Illnesses
• Drosera: Spasmodic dry cough which is worse at night. Face turns red with coughing.
• Hepar Sulphuris: Painful dry cough, voice is hoarse. Commonly, person is sweating, but is better with heat and worse with cold.
• Spongia: Croupy cough (barking seal sound). Dry and burning mucous membranes. Better with warm drinks, worse at night.
• Kali Bich: Colds with thick yellow-green nasal discharge. Better with warmth, worse with cold.
• Pulsatilla: Ear infections, colds, pink eye, runny nose. Will have thick, pudding-like, yellow-green discharges. Child clings to their parents.

• Oscillococcinum: Specifically for the flu, can also be used preventatively. You do not need to take the whole bottle as directed, just take 3 pellets every 2 hours for 3 days.
• Eupatorium Perfoliatum: For bone pain and aches associated with the flu. Person is better with rest.

Stomach Complaints
• Podophyllum: Explosive diarrhea that is watery with a lot of gas. Stool is pasty, yellow, and offensive smelling.
• Cinchona Off: Diarrhea with gas and bloating, better with bending over or being in open air. Worse with light touch, eating fruits and drinking milk.
• Ipecacuanha: Nausea and vomiting with excessive salivation. Better with rest, worse with cold and movement.


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