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Today I speak to you, mom to mom. To talk to you about the importance of building a village. You may live on an island but you are not an island and every mom can benefit from building a small (or big) village to support her journey of motherhood.

As one of my favorite vocalists, Karisha Longaker sings, “Tryin’ to go this thing alone is like trying to eat a mountain.” Moms going it alone often feel like they are eating a mountain, unsuccessfully. Whether you are overflowing with support or sinking in the struggle of motherhood this article can help you get on the right path to building your very own village.

Here’s how to get started.

Step one: Acknowledge:
Acknowledge the importance of building a village aka support system.  Why does it matter if you build a support system? How can it benefit you? How can it benefit your child?

Having a support system can help you maintain the patience, energy and presence of mind you need to be available for your child, your family and yourself. Not too mention, gathering support for your parenting journey can make your journey that much more fun and rewarding.

There’s no doubt about it, life is easier when you are part of a caring network of friends, family and community.

Step two: Define:
Define the top three most important things you need to support your parenting path now. Do you need help with caring for your child so you can get a moment to yourself? Or help with keeping up with household duties so you have more presence for your relationship? Make a plan to get this support. Where can you find this resource? Who do you know that is already utilizing this resource on their parenting journey?

Step three: Take action:
Now, that you have an idea of your top needs, take action. Your village is closer than you think. Make a new friend at the park, join a hui, or make that phone call to find a babysitter. Send that email to schedule your date night support. Don’t have money for a sitter? Set up a parenting babysitting co-op, or ask a friend for a favor. Your actions will reward you.

Remember, to start building a good village you must decide that you will be a good villager. When you ask for a giving hand, also give a lending hand. How might you be a resource for another mom with her needs?  If you need a hand with childcare how might you offer a hand?

Are you a mama that has a good village already? Teach another mom how to build one.

Don’t have a village in Maui yet? You’re not alone. Follow the steps above and you will be well on your way to having a successful village.

Photo: Maui Chapter La Leche League

Image Credit: June Harper

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