When Will My Baby Drop Down?

When Will My Baby Drop Down?Dear Aunty Tina, When will my baby drop down?

When your baby will drop down will depend if it is your first or second baby. For your first child it is normal for your baby to drop 2 weeks prior to delivery and for the second and consecutive children it can happen a day or two before birth.

Lightening is another term used for this stage, when the baby’s head fully drops down into the pelvis. (This in turn stimulates the cervix helping it to soften and eventually release the mucus plug). Sometimes having the baby’s head down in this area can be extremely uncomfortable, especially in the lower back or pubic bone. If you experience this discomfort swimming in the ocean is the best remedy, as it helps take the weight off your over stretched ligaments. Visiting a chiropractor may also help relieve some discomfort.

Many people liken the sensation of the baby dropping to having a bowling ball in between your legs, and can cause the mama to waddle. It can also put pressure on your bladder, which may make you visit the toilet even more frequently. These are all good signs that your baby will be coming soon!

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