Denise LaBarre's Wisdom 2.0

A Maui mama, Denise LaBarre, the author of Issues in your Tissues, really needs your vote to be a presenter at the Wisdom 2.0 Conference.  If she gets to be a presenter it will help her reach a wider audience with her book and information about physical-emotional healing.  Plus, the voting process is a cool way to get a quick (1 min) intro to her and her work.

“There are major cracks in our collective health due to environmental toxins, stress, GMOs, and dysfunctional health care systems.  So many of us have physical dis-ease with emotional origins and I can help us make the healing connections that lead to whole and complete wellness on all levels. 
If you understand how important this is – individually and collectively; or if I have helped you on the table, through my book or in a workshop; or if you simply love me ;-), I ask once again to help me reach further and share these connections wider.” Denise LaBarre. 
Denise has to be voted in the top 15 to make the finals.  She is currently holding at #9 but anything can happen in the next two weeks and momentum is crucial.  You can see/follow the process here:  If she is not on that top 10 list, and her ranking has slipped then she needs your help more than ever!
1. Click here to see her video: need to register to cast your vote (typical). The process is really quick. 
2. Click on the blue bar below the video window. You will be prompted to enter your e-mail address and they will immediately send a password to register and log in.  
3. Check your e-mail folders (including SPAM/junk folder) to get the password. 
4. Log in, click on the blue bar below the video window and you’re done.  Thank you. 
  Feel good that you’ve helped a Maui mama and helped spread some great, healing information. Please also share this as you see fit. 
MORE INFO:;  about her book: Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out. 


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