Black swan temple

Heliacal Rising of Venus (August 19th, 2015)
Every 8 years, the planet Venus creates this 5 petaled star formation as viewed from earth! The Heliacal Rising of Venus marks the completion of the creation of one of these petals which takes 584 days to do! From now through to April 20th, 2016 she will rise as a morning star!

We are still in the heralded Venus retrograde period which will turn direct on September 6th. You maybe experiencing some of its effects, for this has been a time of deep reflection into our shadows, wounds and core source of pain. A time of deep transformation so that we can experience more love, abundance, and happiness in our lives. We are deep in the shift towards a more feminine way of being that is more service oriented, compassionate, loving, and caring for the planet and all sentient beings.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! Our time is now and we are here.

If you want to experience more love in the world start by nourishing your love and compassion for yourself within. As within, so without.
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