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A mother’s intuition is an astonishing phenomenon. Against all statistics, against all odds, against knowledgeable, expert advice, a mother can know what is best for her child. Elizabeth Davis, author of Orgasmic Birth calls it the “mother-mind, a highly intuitive way of thinking”. I’ve learned to, above all, listen to it – what I call this wisdom of the heart, especially when it comes to parenting or the health of my children.

Before having children, I wasn’t always this tuned in. I used to be ruled by my thoughts. My mind told me to take jobs that were not good for me, stay in relationships that were no longer healthy, and make choices that were swayed by doubt and fear. I would think things out in my head, analyze a situation, make lists taking into account all the pluses and minuses and make decisions from there. This is called thinking with your head. This kind of thinking built me a life that sounded good and looked good on paper (I was a television producer living a Beverly Hills lifestyle full of shopping on Rodeo Drive, getting spa treatments and going to all the hot spots in town)… But deep down I knew there was a life more satisfying than this. And I found it by learning to “think” or listen to my heart’s wisdom. The heart has a way of pushing aside the fears, doubt and wishful thinking to allow you to see a perspective that is the most true for you… And that ultimately leads to a fulfilling life.

There is scientific research that shows that this heart intelligence is real. The Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek, California has produced scientific evidence to backup the “intelligent heart” theory. Research has shown that the heart is more than just a pump. Similar to the brain, it actually communicates with the body! Neurologically, the heart sends messages to the brain. It also sends energy through the pulse as a blood pressure wave. Biochemically, it releases a chemical which blocks stress hormones.

Electromagnetically, it produces an electric signal that can be picked up anywhere on the body as well as the space around us (this space is called your aura).

The founders of HeartMath agree, if we tune in to our hearts, it helps us to make better decisions, to give balance to our emotions and thoughts, and is the key to a fulfilling life. So how can you tune into your heart? My technique is to be very quiet and still. I focus on my heart while I ask a question or feel out a situation. The key is to feel for the answer in your heart rather than to search with your mind. Your mind may try to influence with doubt or wanting, but if you truly tune into the higher wisdom of your heart, the truth will reveal itself. Your job is to listen.

The HeartMath people have other helpful techniques. You can read more on my blog site at This Valentines Day take the opportunity to begin to listen to your heart. It is the most loving gift you can give to yourself and your family.

Image Credit: Samantha Feyen

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