Hawaii Technology Academy

Choosing an educational path for your child is a weighty decision. There are many important factors to consider. Do I want a five day a week program in a traditional school? Am I prepared to teach the core subjects myself through a homeschool program? Is there another option?

Hawaii Technology Academy, or HTA, is an accredited public charter school serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade across the state, with learning centers in Kahului, Pukalani, and Kahana. If you are interested in an alternative to homeschooling or the traditional Department of Education model, then HTA might be the answer you are looking for!

HTA offers a blended learning experience, with a combination of face-to-face classes, virtual instruction, and independent learning. A student’s schedule at HTA combines the advantages of a traditional school with the opportunities of supportive home learning. Students meet with their teachers for face-to-face classes a few days a week at a learning center. On the other days, students work from home, where they may attend synchronous (real-time) virtual classes or work independently on assigned material. The students’ schedules will depend on a variety of factors, including their grade level and their academic needs.

Certified teachers partner with a parent or guardian, known as the learning coach, to ensure student success. All teachers at HTA are highly qualified experts in their fields. Unlike homeschool, in a blended approach, school teachers and parents work together to deliver an accredited curriculum. Learning coaches (parents) are highly involved in the educational experience of their children, and a teacher is there to provide the learning coaches with resources and support. HTA’s blended learning model enables teachers to really give students a personalized learning experience. The learning coach, student, and teacher act as a team.

At HTA, the core values of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity, and character are celebrated. These core values are referred to as “The Five Cs.” The school’s vision statement encompasses these core values as well: “A community embracing the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.” HTA strives to prepare students for the careers of the future that do not yet exist.

Field trips, team sports, and social events are an integral part of the HTA experience. Students in grades K-12 have the opportunity to participate in clubs, including ukulele, books, math team, robotics, student government, and National Honor Society. HTA’s curriculum, aligned with Common Core State Standards, prepares students for college and careers.  In addition to content-specific knowledge, students develop organizational, time management, and communication skills at HTA.  HTA is the bright future of learning! For further information about this free educational option, visit myhta.org or call 808-676-5444.

Image Credit: Hawaii Technology Academy

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