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Modern Western culture does this really early on — it divorces us from the intelligence working within and around us. Our inherent operating system. We begin seeing symptoms or big events as a series of steps that need to be managed, fixed, or treated. 

At the moment of conception, there is a spark. This is considered the moment the female egg’s Zinc deposits release upon sperm fertilization. It is a literal flash of electricity visualized under the microscope – often recognized as the “spark of life.”

This electrical current is the catalyst for life. Transforming the egg into embryo, turning into a blastocyst within the uterus of our mothers. As this spark perpetuates growth, the blastocyst implants within the womb. It proceeds with elongation and a series of folding, morphing into what we recognize as our nervous system. The central nervous system is made up of your brain and spinal cord. I bet you could guess how communication occurs between the brain and spinal cord? Yes – through this same spark.

This electrical signaling stays with us as our nerves deliver messages. As the cells that make up the human frame communicate, coordinate, and keep us moving through life. 

How do we move from this incredible spark lighting up our neurons, to the perception of pain, aches, and symptoms? Is it our technocratic paradigm and western way of living? No longer viewing symptoms as the language of the body, merely “issues” that need managing, removing, and fixing?

There’s a distinction in healing. Healing; as it refers to the state of the human and its relationship to the continuum towards wholeness. In another camp we have treating, fixing, or curing. This paradigm referring to the condition itself, inferring separation, of the human from the symptom. 

We forget about this spark of life. This electrical signaling that reminded your blood to clot and sent cleansing, healing properties to skin when you fell and scraped your knee as a child. This spark of life that did not abandon you at the moment of conception. The spark that has stayed with you. The same intelligence that is directing the breathing of our lungs, beating of our hearts, digesting of our food, delivery of messages between the brain and body this very moment. 

It doesn’t have to be an illness or an accident to wake you up to the fullness of life. To the potential of healing. To the layers that are available, physically, emotionally, chemically, spiritually. Consider this your invitation. 

Your invitation to remember. Start with physiology. Start with simply placing your hand over your heart, feeling the pulsation of vital blood flow. The reconnection needed. Because the moment we change the body, we wake up to the emotions we’re expressing. When we change our emotional state, we gain awareness to change our decisions. The moment we become aware of our decisions or habits, we change the quality of our life. We heal. The quality of our life that returns to recognizing the magic. The spark of life, moving in and around us. 

As a holistic chiropractor, we witness this spark literally coming alive again within the bodies of our clients on the table, every single day. There is a quote by Albert Einstein that fully encompasses this phenomenon; “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” 

Which will you choose? Don’t wait to heal until ailments shows up in your physical body.

My prayer for you and for humanity is that we begin trusting the messages our bodies are telling us. We take time to witness the momentary magic. That we have the courage to wake up to the miracle that we are. Today. 

Image Credit: Livind Adjusted

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Molly Steins, D.C., is a mediator in unleashing the healing power of the body, a community-building enthusiast, and an encourager of living radically heart-centered life. Her prayer is that this work reminds individuals of the inherent power continually working within and around them. Find out more at www.livingadjusted.com


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