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December, January and February can sometimes feel like three sisters fighting for our attention with long To Do lists. With holiday shopping, family gatherings, New Year’s resolutions, and Valentine’s expectations and stress levels can run high. However, the early weeks of 2019 can bring new goals, like swearing off bad habits once and for all.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to break out of ill-serving behavior? Issues like procrastination, anger, anxiety, self-sabotage, and low self-confidence can sometimes play on cycles of repeat. The thought of “I’m acting just like my parents, and I swore I’d never be like them!” is both eye-opening, and good motivation for change. Wouldn’t it be nice to bundle up that emotional family baggage and recycle it at the thrift store, like an outworn pile of clothes?

What if the real roots to many of our problems lay within seven karmic influences? According to the Harmonyum Healing System, a person can be affected by the following:

1. Karma from past lives

2. Mother’s side of the family, going back 50+ generations

3. Father’s side of the family, going back 50+ generations

4. Time in the mother’s womb, influenced by her thoughts and emotions

5. Day of birth

6. The environment we’re raised in up until age 11

7. The way we’re spoken to up until age 11

The good news is it is believed that the healing to these 7 karmic influences can be found in the mysterious landscape of the body’s nervous system. The nervous system is composed of the brain and the spine. The brain acts as the body’s command center. The spine is an extension of the brain and functions as the body’s supply center. The spine is similar to a computer hard drive, in the way it records all of the data from a person’s biological family tree. It is believed that the spine has “files” that go back fifty generations and beyond, from both the mother’s and father’s lineage. It is where we find the Akashic records. On a subconscious level, all of those ancestral patterns and habits are thought to influence who we are, and how we operate, whether we realize it or not.   

Harmonyum is a complete healing system that allows a person to heal from the past and rewire the subconscious mind. It addresses the nervous system and washes away the ancestral wounds that are stored in the spine and body. Harmonyum is a powerful solution for breaking any cycle of addiction or trauma that’s connected to the family lineage. It opens the heart and helps a person reconnect to their unlimited capabilities.

During a one hour session of body work, Harmonyum moves you into a state of deep relaxation while purifying your body and mind of unhealthy patterns. Harmonyum ignites the spark of the body’s self-healing abilities, and effectively addresses the issue at the root, in order to invite true and lasting change. A series of gentle, non-invasive movements are repeated between the nape of the neck and the lower spine. One hour of Harmonyum is said to be the equivalent of fifty hours of meditation. A complete cycle is 7 sessions.

We can start 2019 by going beyond unhealthy patterns. One of the best gifts a person can give to her or himself is the gift of empowerment. The Harmonym Healing system helps you unzip outdated layers of conditioned behaviors, like an old jacket, and break through whatever’s holding you back. It’s time to change your life for the better! Please contact me if you would like to learn more. Gift certificates are available for 1, 3 or 7 sessions. Contact Kerry at info@sekhmetarts.com

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