What started out as my dilemma with potty training has soon turned into why I prefer hard-wood flooring to carpet. So let me list positive and negatives…

-easy clean up
-bacteria, mold and smell free
-not good for infants learning to stand

-gentle for a baby’s fall
-not good for spills and potty training

Hard-wood flooring wins…

My daughter has had a potty since she turned 1 and I, maybe wanting her too much to be an over achiever at an early age, was determined to have her potty trained by two. Well, her 2nd birthday is right around the corner and although she took well to the potty and had no scary toilet issues she has recently reversed all training! Well, the problem for me isn’t that it’s hard work potty training; it is that I live with carpet! Carpet is preventing our potty progress! I would love to leave her diapers off or put her into big girl panties, which she wants to wear, but her accidents will soak into the carpet. That = big mess and big cleanup for me! Even if just a little gets out, you still have to scrub. Noooo thank you! We used to live with hard-wood flooring up until last December, then we moved, she wore diapers constantly and she stopped wanting to go.

What works ‘sometimes’ for right now…

I am constantly verbalizing to her that all of her friends, cousins, and auntie’s who use the potty so she will associate a big girl status with toilet time. Sorry ladies, every time she sees you she will think PEE and POOP! This is my trickery and this doesn’t always work! So, I put her on the toilet even if she says she doesn’t need to go because if left up to her she would stay in the most expensive underwear known to man forever. Sometimes she will poop on the potty and sometimes she’ll hold it in until I’m not looking and make a stealth move into hiding.

I still have big hopes…We are moving back into a place of our own again where we can have hard-wood flooring and a daughter out of diapers!
Like I said, I have big hopes. ^_^

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