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When I look into your eyes, I see the beauty of our souls dancing in all that is good in darkness and light. ~*

I am by no means a master when it comes to Relationships! The word relationship used to mean one thing to me: my lover, romantic partner, significant other. Luckily as the years went on I realized that I am constantly relating ~ To the air I breathe, the water I drink, the earth that I walk upon, and the humans that I get to laugh, cry, talk, love, hate, learn, and create with and how to honor all of it!

I am a 34 year old woman living on Maui figuring out how I relate to this beautiful world! Sometimes I feel like I know what I am doing, sometimes I don’t. To be honest I felt nervous about writing on a topic that I have so much to learn about! That nervousness came from my desire to be truly helpful in helping myself and others to be happier in relationships. I found myself judging myself and then remembered the importance of dropping judgments so that we may relate to one another more effectively and joyfully! To be real, and face the raw and mysterious vastness of being in relationship. To be patient with the time it takes to develop depth with our loved ones. To continue to open our hearts to connecting with other people in the face of nervousness! To realize that we are all learning and in that find compassion to help each other heal and love more deeply. And in that I believe we get to fully live and ultimately be happy. I personally feel most alive when I connect with people in my total truth and thrive when others share their truth with me! That’s when the magic helps us to break through the walls we build that have only held us from each other and our own personal growth!

My prayer is to feel more connected and to live more harmoniously in all of my relations; the relationship between my own self, my romantic partner, my family, my friends, animals, water, air, ’aina and the great sky. ~*

In my quest I asked my friends and family to share what they think about relationships and got some great responses that I think we can all relate with:

“An ideal relationship to me is how two or more things/people engage to create something bigger and better than we can on our own.”

“To know you, is to find me.”

Three rules:

1) Ask questions and hear the answers. That means you are listening.

2) Respond to what is being said by the other person.

3) Put your words to your feelings and stay connected to the information. This information is Compassion!”

“Love yourself and the natural world around you, and everything else will follow. ~*”

“Four basic feelings in relationship are: Love, Pain, Fear, and Anger. They are all equal! They can either be beautiful or ugly. You choose.”

“When you put your words to your feelings, the sound isn’t what’s important; it’s the experience of the connection that allows you to breathe.”

“I look to the four directions to find clarity with my relations~ those 4 directions are faith, love, hope, & charity…”

“What did the left boob say to the right boob? We better get some support around here otherwise people are going to think we’re nuts!! ;)”

“Speak the truth and magic happens!”

“Relationships give life purpose.”

I hope somehow what was shared was useful to you~

~ Happy relating!! And Happy Holidays.

Image Credit: Christina DeHoff

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Zaina Hildegard D’Alessio was born in Syria, raised in Kansas! She traveled around the world as much as she could through her 20’s learning, praying, dancing, and sharing her truth with people of all walks of life! She studied yoga, makes jewelry, cared for children, photography, and is currently living on Maui focusing on health, happiness, service, and financial freedom!


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