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May is hopefully a good month if you are a mother. There is that one day where you are (hopefully) lucky enough to be pampered and treated like the goddess you are! Mother’s day has been going on for centuries, and is global. Muttertag, La Festa Della Mama, Mothering Sunday, Dia de Las Madres, and Fete des Meres are just some of the names it is known by. My favorite, I heard the other day, is ‘My Chillax’ Day!

In ancient times the focus was worshipping the mother Goddess – creator of life! In Ancient Egypt this was Isis, the Queen of Heaven who ruled over all matters concerning mothering. In ancient Greece it was Rhea, revered as the mother goddess, and in ancient Rome it was Hera, the wife of Zeus. Hindus revered Shakti (Parvati) the wife of Shiva, while ancient Hawaiians recognized Na’ Wahine, the Goddess Uliuli, the wife of the creator Kane (Eli Eli). Uli was the highest manifestation of universal feminine energy, the Goddess of Serenity, and was also worshiped as Malama, the goddess of the moon.

Most mothering festivals in early history were in the springtime to celebrate the rebirth of the land and the beginning of the most fertile time of the year. These festivities honored the goddess in all women but the modern day version of gifts and flowers can be traced back to good ol’ England in the seventeenth century.

If any fathers, reading this right now, want to continue that tradition, the Seabury Craft Fair (the Saturday before Mother’s day – see events page) is a great place to get the mother of your children a beautiful gift. There is often a wide choice of beautiful Mother’s Day presents to be, and if you get overwhelmed, just find the jewelry by RueBelle booth – you can’t go wrong there.

You don’t have to spend money either. Helping the children pick some flowers from your garden is beautiful too, or just cleaning the house, washing the dishes, cooking and taking the kids so your goddess can have the day off is all highly suggested.

The day after Mother’s day is also a significant for one Maui mama. May 13th is the last day to vote for Ruth’s Ride. Ruth is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with global developmental delay and is in much need of a wheel chair accessible vehicle. May is Mobility Awareness month and they need everyone to vote for Ruth and her father Robert Benavides (a local DJ on our beloved Manao Radio). Robert is being nominated for the local hero mobility awareness award (yes, daddies are heroes this month too). Please check out www. or go straight to mobility-awareness-month/heroes/hawaii/kula/573/ruthrobert- benavides. Together we can truly make a difference!

Mahalo and here’s hoping you get a very chill-axing Mother’s Day! and Ruth gets her RIDE!

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