Happy Mother's Day

When my daughter Jessica was not quite two months old, her mother died of complications from a blood clot. Though Jessica was too young to express her loss, she would grow up without her mother.

She made Mother’s Day art in school, like the rest of her classmates, only hers would be addressed “Happy Mother’s Day Dad”. I always loved getting the “Happy Mother’s Day Dad” cards she made at school, and she always presented them to me with lots of love.

A little girl needs the influence of a woman in her life, and my mother, sister, and my close friend (and roommate for a while) were there to provide a little bit of that mentoring for her. When Mother’s Day came around each year – it would mean a much different thing to Jessica than to other kids that had a mom in their life. I once asked her if she felt sad about this, and she said, “No, I have you! You’re my Dad and my Mom.” Perhaps being so young when she lost her mother allowed her to see it rather pragmatically – it was all she knew.

Jessica is now a mother herself – a very strong, kind, and loving mom indeed. I am extremely proud of the woman and mother she has grown up to be! Happy Mother’s Day Jessica!

And for any dads that are filling dual roles of dad and mom – Happy Mother’s Day Dads!

I’ve been blessed to become a father again – to two incredible boys – Dylan and Eli. Their mom is Kate, and speaking on behalf of my boys, we think our Maui mama is the greatest! She loves them dearly, teaches them constantly, plays with them often, lets them explore the world freely, pushes them to be their best always, and looks out for their best interest consistently. For Dylan and Eli, I say Happy Mother’s Day Mom (Kate) for putting your heart and soul into being their Mom, our Maui mama.

On Mother’s Day, she never wants us to spend much, so my boys and I get up early to pick flowers and make cards for mom. We then have the tradition of making her a nice breakfast spread and give her any other presents we may have made for her.

I might try and get her a massage or spa treatment, or some other splurge that she can be pampered and indulge in all for herself. I have fortunately (or unfortunately) the great insight of knowing. Moms are always on the clock, and it is not always appreciated what a full time position being a mom is. So if we dads can help give mom a day of rest, where she can focus on herself, we should do all we can to make that happen.

Thank you moms, for all you do –
Happy Mother’s Day – from Dad.

Image Credit: mauimama

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