HangLoose Hammocks Hawaii

There is a new addition to Haiku and I am so happy they are selling something great for us – Hammocks!

Hammocks are great for the soul. Not only do they induce relaxation, are a great place to bond and sway with your child, help insomnia (if you need a place to sleep with no pressure points) and increase your chances of hanging out on your deck, relaxing and taking in the Maui life, but by purchasing one from this new store you are also helping indigenous communities in 5 different countries.

HangLoose Hammocks Hawaii opened up a little store in Lahaina about 5 years ago, and now will be calling Haiku their second home.  Hammocks = happiness for everybody and anybody willing to just let themselves relax.

HangLoose Hammocks Hawaii began by getting their hammocks from Mexico, offering “Mayan Hammocks” which helped support a community of weavers in the Yucatan, supporting the preservation of their culture. They now work with a handful of small hammock making communities around the globe, like the Mlarbi hill tribe in Thailand and the Nicaragua Soul Project. (Nicaragua Soul Project helps provide for many children once homeless, on drugs or in gangs or who who are blind or deaf – they receive no help from their government due to no social programs that we in America take for granted).

Hammocks are well documented for helping children with sensory needs too, something the owners Bob and Sarah are very proud of.  They feel blessed to be able to help parents and teachers who have chosen to use their products to help their loved ones with many smiles.

HangLoose Hammocks Hawaii have 100% cotton hammocks, for us cotton lovers, and also acrylic hammocks, which are mold and weather resistant – great for Upcountry. They also supply hammock hanging equipment.

The new Haiku store offers a variety of different hammocks styles from parachute, fringed and “glider chair hammocks” and even the ability to design your own personal hammock.

So if you are looking for a great addition to the home that the whole family can enjoy, take the time to swing by and say Aloha and welcome to the hood! They are next to Colleeen’s.

Store hours: Mon-Sat 8ish-4ish.

“Helping the world relax, one hammock at a time.”

Image Credit: Hangloose Hammocks Hawaii


  1. What an idea! Hammocks are well documented to bring a smile to the face of children facing sensory problems. Thank you for sharing the information.


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