Halloween Covid

Well, it’s looking increasingly likely that Halloween will not be the scariest thing on the block this Hallow’s eve. COVID-19 is still here and might be a good enough reason to skip trick o’ treating in 2020. But, that doesn’t mean we have to cancel our keiki’s beloved holiday altogether. Halloween can still be very much alive! 

Halloween Pumpkin Patch

Kula Country Farms up Kula Highway is still planning on keeping their Pumpkin Patch open every day in October from 9am-4pm. Social distancing and mask wearing will apply. You can follow them on FB at Kula Country Farms for daily updates.

Drive-By Experience

Seek out “haunted neighborhoods” where streets have “gone to town” dressing their houses for the spooky night. (At the time of print no details of locations were available). Or take a drive upcountry in the light of the full Hunter’s Moon. The Hunter’s moon often appears bigger and more orange than any other kind of moon! And yes, there will be a Full Moon on Halloween!

Halloween Zoom-Parties 

Still dress up and have a party via Zoom! You can pick a theme or turn it into a family project encouraging homemade costumes as a ticket for participation. Play music and have a Zoom-dance party. You can also throw in a fun Zoom-pumpkin carving/painting contest or have a Zoom-bob-the-apple race. Bob-the-apple is played by filling a tub or basin with water and an apple. Apples are less dense than water, so they float on the surface. The idea of the game is to try to get the apple out of the water by only using your mouth before anyone else on the zoom call does.) Done remotely, a fun time can still be had by all!

Go Bat-Crazy with the Decorations

If you can’t go out, bring Halloween inside! Channel your Christmas decorating spirits and celebrate Halloween with pumpkins, lights and other spooky spectacles. Get the kids involved with craft projects that they may be missing out on by not being at school. You can go to www.easypeasyandfun.com/halloween-crafts-ideas/ to find simple and fun ideas. 

Haunted Halloween Hunt

Buy your child’s favorite treats or switch-witch present and hide it really well in the house. Then turn off all the lights, turn on some spooky music and give your child(ren) a flash light and ask them to find the ‘Halloween loot.’ You could even disperse the ‘treasure’ individually like an Easter Egg Hunt. Afterwards have a Halloween theme dinner (think spaghetti for worms or creative creepy toppings for pizza) by candlelight and watch a movie fitting for the night.

Image Credit: Brenkee

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