Halloween best holiday

Yes, I said it. Halloween is the best holiday. I know there are some who would argue for Team Christmas or Team Thanksgiving, but let’s face facts. When was the last time Halloween made you feel lonely, abandoned, or heartbroken? When have you ever cried, “Oh, I hope I’m in a relationship by Halloween?” Never. Because Halloween doesn’t ask questions. Halloween understands. 

Other holidays force you to wear emotional masks, but Halloween makes being fake, fun. Esoteric, punny, sexy, or silly, you can be anything imaginable. Sure, Halloween isn’t inspiring major works of art of musical masterpieces (except for maybe Michael Jackson’s Thriller), but no other holiday excites more fun, fantasy, or frivolity.

Let’s look at a few ways Halloween reigns supreme:

1. Chocolate. Hey, it can be good for you. Antioxidants.

2. Costumes. Plus, it’s the only truly acceptable time to dress up your pets.

3. Being scared is good for you. Good stress, for example, the thrill of a hunted house releases adrenaline and endorphins.

4. It teaches kids about death in an age-appropriate way. Whoa, that’s deep.

5. Pumpkin spice everything! 

6. It’s all-inclusive. Christmas is for Christians. Thanksgiving is for Americans. Valentine’s Day is for lovers. Halloween is for everyone who likes to eat candy, dress up, and drink (too much).

7. You can look as bad or as good as you like and there is absolutely no judgment. 

Halloween wins. On all counts. So get excited!  The best holiday is only days away!

Image Credit: Amanda Furgiuele

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