Haleakala Waldorf

1. What are the basic principles of your method of education?
​Our students are prepared to meet the world as well rounded human beings of integrity, creativity and intelligence.​ The balanced, comprehensive education at HWS engages children’s imagination and curiosity by integrating academic achievement with active, hands-on experience in an artistic environment. The teachers are dedicated to creating a genuine inner enthusiasm for learning that is essential for educational success. Humanities and sciences are blended with art, languages, music, movement, handwork and practical activities to meet the needs of the developing child.  Students experience each lesson’s content through drawing, painting, song, recitation, drama or movement. The body and soul of each student is nourished with consciousness and intention as well as the mind.

​2. How are accommodations made for students that are either accelerated or below their grade level?
HWS is committed to celebrating each individual child. Waldorf education recognizes that children are on a unique evolutionary journey. Although the curriculum is ingeniously devised to meet the needs of children at each stage of development, some children may be either accelerated or slightly delayed in their learning. HWS is pleased to offer comprehensive educational support ​​and has a full time remedial specialist on staff to meet the needs of these students, however, it is not intended to accommodate children who have special learning needs.

3. How is discipline handled?
​Waldorf education helps students learn to be socially successful human beings.​ HWS has established a student support services hub called the Kupono Group which handles all issues of concern for students. The group focuses on Discipline and Guidance, Social Inclusion, Educational Support, and Middle School Coordination​​​​. In the case of disciplinary issues, concerns are brought to the Kupono Group and a plan would be created to support each case. Through an exploration of circumstances and collaboration of teachers and parents, ​​a variety of creative solutions are explored.

​​​​4. Do you have a financial aid program?
We are committed to helping families afford this extraordinary educational choice. Although HWS expects families, to take primary responsibility for the cost of their children’s education, we recognize that financing an independent school education may be a challenge. We are committed to supporting families to build a long term relationship with the school through sustainable financial planning. HWS dedicates Tuition Assistance resources as part of annual operations expenses, and offers Tuition Assistance granted on the basis of need.

To find out more about Haleakala Waldorf School go to www.waldorfmaui.org

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