H is for Hypericum Perfoliatum

Benefits Hypercium Perfoliatum

Hypericum Perfoliatum is our 8th letter of the alphabet in our series of ABC’s of homeopathy for Mauimama magazine. Hypericum Perfoliatum is a plant remedy made from Hypericum perfaratum, commonly known as St John’s-wort, a flowering plant with yellow flowers, in the family Hypericaceae.

St. John’s-wort has been used in herbalism dating back as far as 30AD and is named for St John the Baptist. Medieval herbalists saw the black perforation marks on the leaves of St John’s-wort as stab wounds, considered to be a symbol of St John, and consequently used the herb to heal wounds and cuts. St John’s-wort has also been used by conventional medicine for depression.

Hypericum Perfoliatum is a remedy very useful in the healing of damage to nerve rich tissues in the body. Especially cuts or crushing to fingers or toes. Hypericum has a strong affinity with the nervous system, especially the sheathes of the nerves and the meninges of the brain.

Hypericum can be used after Ledum in puncture wounds such as animal bites or wounds that are inflamed and very painful and slow to heal. When the pain is shooting severely up the body Hypericum is the correct remedy.

Hypericum Perfoliatum is useful for any trauma to the spinal nerves, and injuries to the spine, which may occur during childbirth. It is helpful in reducing pain when there has been damage to the coccyx. Sometimes after a lumbar puncture or spinal injection, such as an epidural, there maybe pain in this region and hypericum could be useful in reducing the pain.

The cutting of nerve rich tissue in surgeries such as a caesarean section is also an area that can be helped with Hypericum Perfoliatum, when the nerves are cut and feel painful, frayed or sore. Pain after tooth extractions or root canals may also be helped with Hypericum Perfoliatum.

We can see Hypericum Perfoliatum is a very useful remedy in childbirth, in epidurals and caesarean sections. It is also useful in tears and lacerations in childbirth and pain to the lower back caused by forceps delivery. I highly recommend this as a remedy to have in your birthing kit and your first aid kit. The 30c potency can be administered every fifteen minutes for one hour, then three times a day until the pain subsides. In Miranda Castro’s homeopathic guides, Mother and Baby she writes: “Give Arnica first to prevent swelling and bruising and follow with Hypericum, repeated every few minutes if pain is excoriating.”

As a homeopathic tincture Hypericum perfoliatum is found in Hypercal, which is a mixture of Hypericum and Calendula. Helios.co.uk states, “The combined healing qualities of both plants make it especially effective in the soothing and healing of wounds. After childbirth, Hypercal will help to heal a cut or torn perineum. Dilute one-part tincture to three parts of boiled, cooled water and apply on a pad or compress to the affected area. Leave on for up to one hour and repeat every four hours for several days. For cuts or wounds, soak fingers, toes or elbows in a basin of water into which a teaspoon of Hypercal has been added for five to 15 minutes.”

We have used this many times in our house when my children were young. They referred to it as the “magic potion” and would ask for it any time they cut or injured themselves, which seemed to be a frequent occurrence.

Hypericum Perfoliatum 30c can be taken internally while Hypercal is applied externally as indicated. Hypercal is also available as a cream and ointment and can be applied to the skin to soothe and help heal cuts and wounds.

As always homeopathy is not intended to replace medical care so please see your Doctor or seek medical attention if you are experiencing a medical emergency. Wishing you all a Healthy Happy Christmas and New Year.

Aloha, Maria.

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Maria Knauer,CH.LMT.CHTP.DAS.BEO, is a graduate of the American Medical College of Homeopathy. Maria has over 20 years experience in the use if homeopathy and holistic healthcare. To contact Maria call 808-250-8560 or email maria.knauer@gmail.com


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