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I know this topic is a little morbid, but the Mauimama is all about real-deal advice for everyday mamas, so I want to pass on some important information to you.

I realize you may not be having date nights every week with your partner, but odds are there is or will be a time when you need to do something without your keiki.

You leave your and Dad’s cell phone numbers for the babysitter, maybe the health insurance card, and all sorts of directions.

You’ve got everything taken care of…

Except what happens to your children if the unthinkable happens and you never make it back home?

If you have minor children and you’re severely injured or worse in an accident, the police may have no choice but to place your children with Child Welfare Services if they don’t have information or documentation indicating who you would want to care for your children.

And, for the long term, if you have not nominated legal guardians for your keiki and more than one potential guardian comes forward, you could be setting your kids up for a contested guardianship case.

So… what do you need to do?

Put Your Guardianship Wishes in Writing!

Just telling your chosen guardian that you want them to take care of your children is not enough. You need to have a plan in place, written instructions, and the proper legal documentation in order to ensure that your wishes are followed and that everyone knows what those wishes are.

A good, solid guardianship plan will allow you to choose guardians either on a permanent or temporary basis and leave instructions for those guardians so they know exactly what you want them to do and under what circumstances.

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Meg Obenauf is an attorney and the founder of Obenauf Law Group. She strives to help families pass on their wealth simply, without conflict, drama, or taxes and works with families to protect their money and property from the ravages of nursing home and long-term care expenses. Meg helps parents of minor children create plans so that your keiki are never out of the hands of your loved ones, even for a moment, if the unthinkable should occur. She works with clients to create customized plans designed to ensure that your wishes are recognized and followed. Meg is a graduate of Harvard Law School. She resides in upcountry Maui with her husband, Mark, and her two young children. You can contact her at 244-3905 or go to www.obenauflawgroup.com for more information.