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In November 2014 more than 23,000 Maui residents voted for a GMO moratorium, to put a temporary halt on the open-air chemical experiments conducted by Monsanto in Maui County, until practices were concluded safe for the environment and human exposure.

Concerns about chemicals used and their combinations

Concerns about Pesticide exposure in children .

Concerns about the rise in Hawaii birth defects….

All led to Maui mamas coming out in force; speaking up, knocking on doors, holding Town Hall style meetings, organizing and raising money for the Shaka Movement, (so ads could counteract the over eight million spent by the group trying to kill the measure called the “Citizens Against the Maui County Farming Ban”), waving banners and posters on roadsides, marching in organized marches, handing out bumper stickers and hats and much more.

People watching from the outside were surprised when our county voted, and besides all the money spent by the agro-chemical propaganda ads, put the ‘aina and keiki first. However, none of us on the ground were surprised that Monsanto and Dow responded to the vote, with a legal challenge filed against the county to prevent implementation of the law.

One year later the GMO moratorium was still being held up in the courts after Judge Susan Mollway ruled against the GMO Moratorium last summer, stating the moratorium was “invalid and unenforceable” because it is preempted by state and federal law.

Well, this week was a good week!

The 9th Circuit Court accepted the SHAKA Movement Appeal!

Now SHAKA Movement can explain in the court why the injunction is (i) contrary to the public interest (as expressed in a general election), (ii) potentially causing continued irreparable harm to the environment, and (iii) invalidating legal rights explicitly affirmed under the State’s Constitution.

And the Chemical Industry’s Motion ( which was unopposed by the Maui County Public Officials) to Dismiss the GMO moratorium was DENIED!

The 9th Court also GRANTED a motion submitted by the Center for Food Safety (CFS) to file an additional brief as Amicus (or Friend of The Court). This brief, supported and encouraged by SHAKA will allow additional legal arguments as to why the decision by Judge Mollway should be overturned and the Moratorium Ordinance certified, implemented, and enforced. You can click here for a copy of the court’s order.

This is GREAT NEWS for the ‘aina, the keiki and Hawaii!

Image Credit: SHAKA Movement


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