mauimama front cover summer 2020

Grandmother, I’m afraid that after this isolation nothing will change. Man quickly forgets…

“How others will react to this quarantine is none of your business. Make a commitment to change and not forget. Make sure this storm shakes you up so much that it completely revolutionizes your life.”

                    ~ Elena Bernabé, Indigenous Peoples Cultures. April, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times. This pandemic is affecting us all differently, but what is constant is the cracks it is revealing in unsustainable economies, including our own. The theme of this issue is about preparing for and creating a better future. This moment has given us an opportunity to pause and reflect.

“Many people have been discussing what they want the “new normal” to look like. This is encouraging! Right now, we have an incredible opportunity to change things for the better. Our community needs to define a preferred future and push for that change, while the failings of the “old normal” are visible.” Albert Perez, ED Maui Tomorrow.

In this issue ideas are shared, resources are highlighted, and community once again has come together. We can vote in the Primary Election (remember it is an all-mail system this year – see page 29), support each other, take care of ourselves and others, get out in nature, and create new beginnings and grow back… not to what was, but instead towards what we can become!       

Inspired by Art work by Jen Bloomer founder of Radici Studios.

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  1. I am interested in who Elena Bernabe is. I like her quote about the working with your hands so much and have been looking for her original publication. I’d like to make a post myself about this and use this quote but I can’t find the original.

    She is quoted , like you do here, to have said it in ‘Indigenous peoples cultures’, but is this a book, a magazine, a blog? Perhaps it’s not online?

    I would appreciate it so much if you could tell me where you found her and this quote, Thanks a lot,


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