Giggle hill park

The restoration of Kalakupua Playground at 4th Marine Park, otherwise known as “Giggle Hill Park Playground” is finally wrapping up! The Park was built twelve years ago by the Haiku Community and was a joy to thousands of families. With turrets, bridges, slides and swings it was a young child’s dream playground and a great place for families to meet. However, unfortunately due to the unprotected wood structure, the nature of the weather in Haiku, and little to no upkeep parts of the park started to rot.

A tireless Playground Committee from the Ha’iku Community Association (HCA) was formed in November 2013, shortly after parts of the playground became unsafe and it was threatened with demolition by the Maui County Parks & Recreation Department. Local Community meetings were held and it was decided that this very popular playground, built by the community, should be saved.

Councilman Mike White, helped secure a Maui County grant, and others such as The Aloha A’ina Center gave generously. The HCA was able to replace decking and posts and purchase materials. Volunteers were called to action and  Maui’s favorite playground came slowly back to life.

The terms of re-opening have been stipulated by the Maui County Parks & Recreation Department: They will supply future materials for maintenance, while community volunteers are responsible for the work. SO, it’s up to us to keep it safe and fun! Volunteer days will continue every first Saturday from 9:00am-2:00pm. It’s good fun work, so hopefully we will see you there!

The HCA has battled rain and bureaucracy, but with the help of many volunteers, after two plus years, we’re almost there! Painting is almost completed, swings will be rehung, chain webs restored, and the slide patched (vandals suck). A rubber mulch safety surface is expected to arrive in early May. With enough volunteers on May 7th 9:00am-2:00pm to finish up, and efficient cooperation from Parks & Recreation the re-opening will be celebrated on June 11th. Playground enthusiasts from across the isle will put some finishing touches on our lovingly refurbished playground and then celebrate it’s reopening with a Community Potluck at 1:00pm. Bring some food, your instruments (jam session may happen) and a smile. Let the keiki play!

If you would like to lend a hand please call Jen Livingston at 268-7913.

Thank you for your kokua!

*Article was updated 8/6/16 with new times for the June 11th celebrations.

Image Credit: Save Kalakupua Playground

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