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Busy moms are pretty much the only kind of moms that there are. As one of the club, you probably struggle with taking the time to exercise consistently. Wanting to fit into those pre-pregnancy jeans is something you want, but after lunches and laundry, dishes and diapers, it can be easier to dive into a bag of cookies than into your sneakers, and that’s assuming you can find them, along with a clean pair of socks!

So what do you really, really want? Jeans are good, but only if they come with a good mood. What feels great is that frisky feeling that comes from feeling good in your body, your brain marinating in just the right blend of happy neurotransmitters – a bonus effect of exercise. These feelings can come much faster than a change in jean size. If you get your blood pumping every day you will notice it almost immediately with your mood, the quality of your sleep, and your energy level. Your confident and frisky self will emerge, as you get consistent about moving your body.

They key is to just get moving. Dancing, jump roping and hula hooping can all be done with the kids. There are great strollers out there for hitting the trail with your little one, and don’t forget to ask for help. Find buddies to swap kids and workouts, or ask your man to watch the wee ones while you get yourself moving (hint: share with him that part of why you need it is to feel more frisky – he’ll make sure you get your exercise time).

So you know what you want… What do you actually get from exercise? Research shows the list is long, and worthwhile. Cardio exercise – anything that gets your heart beating, can help you lose weight and keep it off. It can help you balance your hormones (um, yes please!), it lifts your mood, it helps you sleep, (just in case you are exhausted, but still can’t sleep), it helps you focus, slows down the aging process, keeps you from getting sick, gives stress a kick in the behind, and boosts your sex drive (and you thought that was gone for good?). The trick is to actually do it! Schedule it in your day, and decide that you will do something, no matter what.

So, if you’re feeling blue, bloated and blah, get your body moving and soon you’ll be feeling fit, frisky and phenomenal!

Image Credit: Body in Balance

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