Gentle Goodnight baby sleeping

The first few months getting a new baby to sleep can be easy. Then, baby stops sleeping, what seems like all day, and moms start looking for an efficient way to put their baby down instead of relying on just nursing or rocking them. This is where Gentle Goodnight comes in.

Gentle Goodnight gets started with mom gently dancing while breastfeeding before bedtime. This is a position the baby loves because they are soothed by the combination of movement, feeding and being close to mom. A mom, who is not nursing (or decides not to nurse while dancing), dad or a caregiver can adapt the method for them with different ways to hold the baby while dancing. The baby finds this so enjoyable they do not realize it is nap or bedtime. It just seems like a fun bonding time with their caregiver.

However, it is at this time that the magic can happen. Let me explain. By using movement and music Mom is matching the babies energy level (based on their activity level before they started). Using music with a mix of songs the energy level is subtly brought down to get the baby into a relaxed state and then to a deep sleep. Starting with a faster song with a louder volume, next medium tempo songs and finally ballads to finish with at a low volume.

The average time to help transition your baby to sleep is 20 minutes from start to finish. Truly multitasking at its best, mom gets a workout (she probably would not get), which is ideal for helping to lose the baby weight.

Each step of how to be successful in dancing your baby to sleep is laid out in an easy to read book called, Gentle Goodnight. It was written with a no-experience-mom in mind. Chapters include explaining how to change the method as the baby grows, things that might keep the baby awake, what to do if the baby does not go to sleep after dancing and even what to do with older siblings. A new baby is continuously developing their brain, making those critical neuron connections, learning how to trust and love for future relationships. If you choose a sleep method that involves letting them cry themselves to sleep, this could be detrimental to their development and bonding that parent’s desire.

Gentle Goodnight came about from a notebook filled with a decades worth of what worked and what did not work with my three children using the dancing sleep method. This method has been tested over 6000 times with a great success rate. My true intention is to share a loving sleep method that works consistently with new parents to enjoy with their babies. Give it a try or share with a loved one because every baby (and mom) deserves a Gentle Goodnight!

“Children do not need us to shape them; they need us to respond to who they are”. – Naomi Aldort.



Image Credit: Lyssa Armenta

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Lyssa Armenta has been the happy wife of Chris since 1997 and the proud mother to her son, Sterling, who was born in 1999, daughter, Samantha, who joined in 2002 and son, Spencer, who completed the family in 2007. Lyssa loves to problem solve and her career as an author began as she felt the deep need to share her Dancing Method that she perfected after a decade to get her kids to sleep. Her passion is to keep improving the quality of life of her family and others and truly believes Gentle Goodnight can do that for babies and their moms! Topic Summary: Gentle Goodnight will guide you through a step-by-step sleep method that will have your baby or toddler to sleep in less than 25 minutes. You will be able to get your baby to sleep for a nap or bedtime at home or on the go;keeping you on the schedule you both choose throughout the day;giving you the time you need for yourself day or night! Dancing your baby or toddler gently to sleep has many important benefits including getting the baby weight off quickly. Throughout Gentle Goodnight you will find tools that will help you bond and gain the trust of your baby because you are not letting your baby cry themselves to sleep. Conscious parenting starts here to nurture a child who knows they are safe and loved. Contact (to purchase Gentle Goodnight- Free Worldwide shipping) Also available on and **There are 2 videos demonstrating how to do the Dancing Sleep Method found on the website one for younger babies and one for older babies. Go to the FB page to get feedback from other moms who are using the Gentle Goodnight method. email: