exercising with the stroller

Time is precious moms. Lengthy workouts or getting to the gym aren’t always realistic. But, splitting up exercise into shorter intervals and including your child has many benefits. Try out Mama Maui Fit Moves – exercises for moms throughout the day. Combine a few then come back later to finish or for another set. It gives you a few minutes here and there to burn some calories and connect with your child.

This issue’s highlighted move is useful for fussy babies and for rocking them to sleep. This move also works well while wearing baby or even on the playground! Life often moves us forward. Doing lateral or sideways work keeps us stable and lean, it works the entire body! If you enjoy this move you can find more fitness ideas at Maui Mama Fit Group on Facebook.

1. Begin in squat position, facing sideways from stoller, hand on stroller, elbow bent
2. Press stroller away with one arm and balance on right leg
3. Abduct left leg for a lateral, side leg lift
4. Return to squat position
5. 20 repetitions on each side. (Add pulses in squat or leg raise position to intensify or
hold full water bottle as weight in other hand and press overhead).

Alignment Tips
– Protect your knees by making sure they are aligned with your 2nd/3rd toes.
– Keep joints soft between repetitions (you can widen stance or open hips slightly for a pile squat to modify for comfort).
– Keep chest lifted without arching your lower back (show off a sparkly necklace).
– Support your back by engaging your core, think front of the bikini line:).
– Contract your glutes from the sides and bottom vs. above sacrum, think bikini bottom line.
– Watch wrist position on stroller so that you are pushing from arm and torso vs. wrist.
– Stay strong through side body towards the stroller keeping ribs and shoulder blades in place while pushing stroller.

Image Credit: Kelley McCarthy Cerny

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