Fully Present Conception

How do I begin to explain the beauty of my son? There is no way that the written word can capture the way he has stolen my heart. He is, by far, the most extraordinary thing that I have co created in my life. I am blessed, from the tips of my toes to the top of my head to have been mindful, aware and awake from the moment my husband and I made the decision to bring life in to this world all the way through to its fruition. Within that decision, a sacred covenant was made between myself, my husband and Creator. Right in the center of that trinity was my son, Asa Keao Ischay.

I used an intuitive map to open, access and draw him down from the heavens. In other words, his conception was conscious. Conscious acts rooted in Sacredness, Spirituality and Divinity were weaved into my married life and everything we did during that time we did for him. The water I drank, the food I ate, the gentle way my husband and I interacted, the thoughts I allowed in and the thoughts, words, actions I allowed out, were all designed to facilitate a foundation for the spirit of my son to land on, root into and grow from. 

Knowing what my husband and myself were preparing for infused our daily lives with goodness. I realized that soon my body was not only going to be a temple to my spirit, but to the spirit of my child as well. It would protect him as he formed cell by cell.  I dedicated my temple to Love and Unity and God. For a woman is as close to Creator as she will ever be during those months. I would be closer to my husband as well.  I would be intimate with him, in a brand new and fascinating way. Not only would our flash be one and the same in moments of love, but I would also become home to a piece of him. Each intimate moment became a prayer. Each kiss filled with hope. And Unity was a time for joy, laughter, complete expression and ecstasy. 

As I reflect on the level at which I was conscious, many questions arise. To list just a few… One. Would Asa be the spirit he is, had we gone about his conception in any other way? Two. Would the mother, father, son bond be the same as it is now? And three. Could my postpartum bliss have turned out to be postpartum depression?

These questions are just musings, because I couldn’t possibly know, with 100% surety the answer to any of them. But here, I can impart my intuitive response, my belief. I believe that Asa is here with the spirit he has in the body he has chosen because we chose to give life and he accepted.

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Ariana Cotardo is a mama, writer, artisan and entrepreneur that has resided here on Maui for seven years. She spends her days sharing her passion for organic, botanical skincare with her community through her company (co-created with Jai Stringer), Maui Blessed Organics. She also infuses her days with crafting Native American inspired beaded jewelry and ceremonial instruments under the name Walk In Beauty. You can contact her at mauiblessedorganics@gmail.com or go to www.mauiblessedorganics.com. Become interactive and learn more about her thriving businesses by checking out https://www.facebook.com/Walk-In-Beauty and https://www.facebook.com/Maui-Blessed-Organics.


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