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There is now somewhere on the Northshore that you can buy organic fresh nut milk in a totally kid friendly setting. Nourish Health Bar and Café, located on east Hana Highway, next to MeshYoga in Paia, opened its doors this summer. If you haven’t checked it out you may not know about its special backyard feel with a designated area for our keiki to play, plant seeds, as well as nourish themselves with a super food enriched nut milk.

The uniquely flavored milks are derived from organic, non-gmo macadamia nuts and almonds. An average serving of almonds and macadamia nuts can value from 11g to 20g of protein, while providing a rich source of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. The owners of Nourish Health Bar and Cafe don’t stop at making plain ol’ nut milk, but enrich this healthy beverage with ingredients such as spirulina, fresh turmeric, medjool dates and much more, all certified organic.

Their Strawberry Silver Fields has become a favorite amongst the keiki, with colloidal silver in the recipe, a nice hidden anti-bacterial ingredient, which is ensured to boost the immune system and fight against colds.

Golden Milk is another hidden treat with fresh turmeric added for anti-inflammatory purposes and ginger for immune and digestive aide. This elixir also contains medicinal spices such as cinnamon and cardamom, and black lava sea salt.

Their milks are served in a seven ounce cup that gives kids a feeling that this drink is especially made for them, because it is! They also pour their Aloha Kombucha fresh from the tap.

The Aloha Kombucha line is fermented for thirty days before adding in fresh, organic ingredients, and an additional two weeks after. With tons of probiotic value, this soda substitute can help maintain and help create a regular digestive system. Kombucha is known for its anti-oxidants, anti-aging, and digestive benefits. Strawberry Mojito is made with fresh mint, limes, and strawberries, which is a popular flavor for the moms!

Nourish Health Bar and Cafe has created a great atmosphere where both parents and children have an enjoyable time, while providing nourishment that can be hard to include during a fun, family outing.

Their “healthy hour” is Monday-Friday, where you receive a dollar off any beverage during the hours of 4pm-6pm. As well as their deliciously healthy nut milks, they also offer an array of organic Aloha Kombucha, organic nitro coffee, organic hot signature teas, and vegan, organic sushi provided by Garden Sushi Maui and made with lifefoods products.

To find out more about this cool little respit at 161C Hana Highway you can follow their facebook page Nourish Bar and Café Paia and/or follow them on Instagram @nourishbarcafe to be up to date with their future events, promotions and community activities.

**They also have a great Autumn deal If you visit them in September and October and mention this article you will receive 10 % off your purchase!


To find out more about the benefits of nut milk you can go to

Image Credit: Nourish Health Bar and Cafe

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