Haiku Coding Club

Software is reinventing the world.
Kids need to learn new skills to prepare them for the future. At Haiku Coding Club they will learn programming and problem solving.

Kids learn better in a social environment. At Haiku Coding Club students learn to code with Scratch, Javascript, Arduino, Lego Mindstorm and more. There are kids who love tech games and robotics. These kids tend to work at home with headphones on, away from their friends. Haiku Coding Club gives the opportunity to learn and build together. We welcome kids from 1st grade and up. Older students can serve as interns and instructors – they help teach the younger kids.

Our children move at their own pace, and our goal is to help students create their own projects, however, coding is social, and you can learn better with friends. Kids collaborate and share together. We encourage friends to come together and are able to allow students to work on projects next to their friends, even if they are working on completely different subjects or concepts.

Coding can be challenging, and is a real growth experience for kids. Computers can be unforgiving, and it is essential to learn how to debug and solve your problems on your own. We can help your child learn these problem solving skills.

Code with friends and make new ones, our doors are always open!

Haiku Coding Club Curriculum FAQ
What do you teach?
At Haiku Coding Club, we teach using a variety of platforms including Scratch, Khan Academy, Code.org, Arduino, Lego Mindstorm and more.

Do you use a specific curriculum?
We use a combination of tools based on the needs and level of our students.

My child has already done [Scratch / Javascript / Arduino etc]. Is this still a good class for him/her?
Yes! Each student develops individually, and works on a variety of platforms. We will work with your kid and you to provide instruction that is appropriate for their experience level.

Do I have to pick only one technology or platform for this class?
No – in fact it’s better not to. Friends can work at the same time, but on different things using different platforms.

My child really wants to work a specific project or technology. Can you help him?
Yes! Have them bring it in, and we can work on it together. We try not to limit ourselves and are excited to help kids explore new platforms and technologies.

Can we access the code at home?
Yes! In fact, we have that in mind. Kids who come into Haiku Code Club can spend a good amount of time working on their projects or lessons at home. That way we can help them with bugs in class.

When are classes held?
Tuesday 4:00pm at The Wisdom Center in Haiku. The Wisdom Center offers a healthy and safe learning environment for children their friends, families, and peers. You can check out The Wisdom Center at http://wisdomcenterforautism.org/ . Classes are also held on Friday at 3:00pm at the Roots School in Haiku. http://rootsmaui.org/

My child is a beginner. Is that a problem?
Absolutely not. Students work on their own self-paced lessons with their own computer. The experience of their fellow classmates will not affect them either way.

Coding Club Platforms:
A block oriented programming language that introduces kids to coding games, animations and stories.

Khan academy:
A personalized learning resource for all ages. Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard.

Code.org is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science through interactive and fun coding programs.

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects.

Lego Mindstorms:
LEGO MINDSTORMS is a programmable robotics construction set that gives you the power to build, program and command your own LEGO robots.

For more information about the FREE Coding class go to our Facebook page Haiku Coding Club and/or message us.
Or if you don’t have Facebook email Amit at amito@freelives.com.

Image Credit: Haiku Coding Club


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