free 30 day fitness challenge

30 day fitness challenges can be fun, motivating and achieve great results. Starting slowly on the first day with the least amount of repetitions and then building momentum as the month goes on you will be amazed at what you can achieve in just one month!

Maybe you’ve seen a fitness challenge online and thought, “I need to do this! I’m going to do this! It’ll be fun!” But, then you didn’t follow through. Maybe you’ve started a 30 day challenge in the past and were motivated at the beginning, but didn’t get through it because it was too hard to stay motivated for the entire 30 days.

What if you could do a 30 day challenge with a group of people from your Facebook community who support and encourage each other daily, and in a format which allows you to complete the workout wherever you want, whenever you want during the day?

I have created a private Facebook group for my community, where I post three to four exercises daily with inspirational memes. My challenges are short mini-workouts (including rest days) that gradually increase in repetitions focusing on one body part for 30 days.

In June, my 30 Day Fitness Challenge group of over 200 people worked on building ab strength. I made a schedule and a video demo for each exercise and then posted daily with repetition changes. I answer comments and leave encouraging replies when people post that they have completed the task. Each of the exercises in June were designed to target a different section of the abs, from upper and lower abs to obliques, to make sure we strengthened every area equally. In July we are focusing on legs and in August it will be upper body.

The groups are fun, engaging, supportive, and motivating and can be great to do with the kids. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve and you’ll have some fun along the way too, and maybe make some new Fb friends. You can sign up for my FREE monthly challenges by friending me on Facebook or go to Shannon Satovich – Fun Fit and Strong for more information.

Image Credit: Shannon Satovich

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Shannon has been with her husband, Matt, for 22 years and is a mother of three wonderful children, who also participate in workout challenges. She has created and maintained positive and supportive relationships within the Maui community. Her lifestyle includes eating healthy, maintaining physical fitness and enjoying living in paradise. Shannon is a strong believer that you should never lose the childlike wonder and loves being a Beachbody Health and Lifestyle Coach.


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