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1. Reduce risks of C-section and Pitocin – When a woman feels supported emotionally and has a safe space to labor with people that she trusts, labor can progress easily.  Occasionally the baby may be in a less than ideal position. Doulas are trained to help the mother find positions that help a baby rotate and move down smoothly. When baby and mother are both healthy, some knowledgeable support and position changes can make all the positive difference. 

2. Create a calm, confident partner – Partners can relax, knowing that the doula is looking out for them. They can focus completely on the laboring mom. The doula can guide them in helping the mom or work in the background as an invisible support, getting things they need and staying aware of how things are progressing. 

3. Receive support earlier in labor – Families can enjoy having a doula with them at home during the earlier stages of labor, before a midwife or doctor is needed. This comfort and peace of mind allows them to labor at home longer and helps reduce the chances of coming into the hospital too early and encounter unwanted interventions or be sent back home. 

4. Support from pregnancy to postpartum – A doula does not come with their own agenda, but instead melds with the wishes of each family.  Doulas provide support physically, emotionally, and with evidence-based information, from the time they are hired through postpartum. No need to search the internet worrying over little things, just call the doula!

5. Help with & reduce use of epidurals – The mother often feels she doesn’t need an epidural, with a doula at her side providing comfort  & guidance. There is no judgment when epidurals are used. Doulas help moms using epidurals with positioning so labor continues progressing. The emotional support and encouragement are also extremely beneficial to women with epidurals. 

To find doula support at your giving birth, search in the birthing directory. Finding the right doula is important. Take time to interview a few until you find the perfect fit for your family. If you are interested in becoming a doula, you can attend a doula workshop and go through a certification program. Birth Arts International (BAI) will be bringing a training to Maui in March 2017. BAI is considered the premier holistic doula training organization, known for its support and progressive student support practices. To learn more about the class or register you can visit    

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Heathir Brown lives in Eugene, Oregon. She is a certified birth doula, and certified professional doula trainer with Birth Arts International. Heathir has always had a passion for helping others. As a trainer she loves guiding doulas on their journey to become professional, confident, and highly skilled doulas working from the heart.


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