mauimama issue 41

Mauimama issue 41 – Editorial

This March marks the one year passing of an amazing Maui mama and midwife who went above and beyond, supporting other women through their journey into womanhood. She was loved by many, not only for her kindness and wisdom, but also for her amazing service to others and to her community. This is the kind of woman I will stand behind. This is the kind of woman I was honored to publish and share her enormous wealth of knowledge and insight on pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting. She has left behind a hole in our community that may never be filled to the same level. I know that many of us miss her terribly, and experience sadness with her loss, and it is up to us to do something positive with this emotion.

As the article on page 4 reiterates it is O.K. to feel sad and angry, it is the measure of a person with how we recognize and deal with these emotions. Do we ignore them, stuff them down, judge and chastise ourselves for feeling human or do we recognize them, honor these feelings and work to face them healthily and with respect? Once this is mastered we can role model for our children.

Frustration can be a good thing, because frustration can lead to change and change can lead to growth. Themes of transformation, growth and revolution run through this issue from transformation through birth (see article on page 19), revolution in politics (see article on page 27), and not taking it anymore that our neighborhoods are being tested positive for pesticide drift (see pages 6 & 7). People are beginning to feel empowered, stand up and speak up.

When we are at a crossroads, whether that is choosing a daycare for our children (see article on page 20), figuring out how to keep our marriages together (see article on page 24) or making the choice to heal our children naturally (see article on page 8). Crossroads force us to take action, and sometimes with wonderful results (see article about MHOK on page 23).

Again finding the light in the shadows is a wonderful gift to harvest. I love the story about Phoenix on Page 30; he also graces the front cover. As a toddler he was extremely active, a total dare devil, sensory seeker, now at ten years-old he has harnessed this energy into something amazing, and is already on his way to becoming a pro skateboarder.

We have the power to recognize and heal ourselves, as a community we have the power to come together to help each other (see Haiku Ho‘olaule‘a and Flower Festival article on page 16) and as parents we have the power to inspire, guide, show self love and acceptance in times of adversity, and be the change we want to see in our children.

Image Credit: The Mauimama

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