Do you miss the days when you could go out and see live music? Sometimes it feels like everything that’s fun for adults happens right around kids’ bedtimes. But, there’s actually a lot of live music happening during the daytime that’s totally accessible to parents and their kids. So where is it, and how can we find it?

These were some of the questions that inspired local musician Elaine Ryan to create a website that helps people find live music. In late October, announced the launch of it’s new mobile-friendly site dedicated to helping music-lovers find Maui’s best live music. The site’s modern, user-friendly interface allows visitors and locals to easily check out who’s playing music on Maui from their smartphones, tablets or computers. Just like Yelp, audiences can review musicians (measures have been taken to avoid trolling) and these reviews can, in turn, help musicians to book more gigs and give musicians something to show potential venues when they try to book shows on other islands, or the mainland. Maui musicians have been super-enthusiastic and are coming together to create this resource by posting their shows on the website and keeping them up to date. Musicians and Reviewers can sign up for free at

So what are some examples of these daytime shows? Well, on Mondays we have Tom Conway playing at the Monkeypod Kitchen in Wailea at 4pm. On Tuesdays Rose Renee plays at Three’s Bar and Grill in Kihei 9am (morning show!) and Elaine Ryan plays at 3:30pm. Wednesdays, Danyel Alana is at the Hula Grill in Kaanapali at 2pm. Thursdays there are several afternoon shows, including Jamie Lee Gallo, who plays at the South Shore Tiki Lounge at 4pm and Brookes Maguire who plays at Cheesburger in Paradise at 4:30pm. The list goes on! Check out for all the shows.

Hooplays is excited to be starting up the site on Maui and is grateful to the Maui musicians who sign up and provide the shows to local and visiting music lovers that are needed for the app to work. If this gets going and Hooplays can expand to other islands and the mainland, it could really put more power in the hands of musicians to book better shows, generate new fans and get industry people paying attention to the music. The revolution will be live!

Join us!

Photo: Local Musician Elaine Ryan

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