Ferrum Phos fevers

F is for Ferrum phosphoricum, the sixth letter of the alphabet in our series of Homeopathic ABCs for The Mauimama. A-E can be found at www.mauimama.com.

Ferrum and Ferr.p are the abbreviations for Ferrum Phosphoricum, the source for which is iron phosphate (Fe3(PO4)2), and is one of the twelve tissue or mineral salts identified by Dr. Schuessler. This remedy is very useful as it works directly on a cellular level on all the cells in the body, including the hemoglobin of the red blood cells.

Ferrum phos is a remedy to reach for in the beginning stages and sudden onset of many illnesses, including colds and fevers, with Ferrum phos complaints often coming from overexertion.

When do we use Ferrum phos? The patient may look healthy with flushed cheeks. However, this is due to congestion, vascular fullness, pulsations and rushes of blood to the face, often confined to the cheeks. They might be sensitive to the cold open air and as a result often get a cold from the exposure. This remedy should be taken at the offset of this cold.

Ferrum phos may also help counteract body aches, especially if you have a patient that is desiring to lay down and rest as they feel so bad, but then feel worse for laying still and so feel better for moving around. Take this remedy also if the cold and body aches is accompanied with a lot of restlessness at night, with fever and sweating.

In the same way Ferrum phos can help reduce fever and chills (chills especially in the afternoon and at night which is sometimes a shaking chill). The patient may also have a fever with thirst and flushes of heat and perspiration. These symptoms in themselves can be exhausting with the constant dealing of changing in temperature from chills, to heat, to fever, to chills again. Trying to sleep can be very difficult and rest is needed and desired, yet so difficult to achieve, as the body aches. But, laying down aggravates the symptoms so the patient wants to move, but sometimes lacks the energy to be able to move, and so on and so on… It’s very exhausting!

Ferrum phos is also a great remedy to use to help stop bleeding, such as nose bleeds. I have also seen great results for women using this remedy when their menstrual cycle is prolonged with heavy bleeding to the point of draining the patient. The phosphorus content in this remedy stops the bleeding while the ferrum helps to balance the iron and oxygen content in the blood. Ferrum phos is also the remedy of choice if the patient experiences great weakness with a desire to lie down, have hemorrhagic complaints and/or other problems involving bleeding.

Ferrum phos can also help relieve pain and is a great remedy to use when we see earaches in children, especially if the ear infections has a purulent discharge with itching and noises in the ear.

Ferrum phos is also particularly helpful in relieving dry coughs where we can see the patient has dry lips, flushed face and where the dry cough is worst for cold, eating and deep breathing. We also see patients needing this remedy who have symptoms that are worst for open air and physical exertion, worse for eating and cold drinks and standing. Patients are usually better for gentle motion.

Ferrum phos cell salt is a 6x potency and can be taken three times a day and can also be taken with other remedies. As always if symptoms persist please seek advice from your homeopath and see your Doctor. Remember homeopathy kits are great to have in your kitchen cabinet, but is not intended to replace your medical care.

Take care.

Aloha, Maria

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Maria Knauer,CH.LMT.CHTP.DAS.BEO, is a graduate of the American Medical College of Homeopathy. Maria has over 20 years experience in the use if homeopathy and holistic healthcare. To contact Maria call 808-250-8560 or email maria.knauer@gmail.com


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